11 Ways Fans Reacted To "Drag Me Down"

What happens when One Direction unexpectedly drops a new single? Mass hysteria. Actually, what happens when One Direction does anything? Mass hysteria. It comes with the territory, I suppose. Considering the overwhelmingly positive fan response One Direction’s surprise release of “Drag Me Down,” I can only assume that these rampant hysterical moments will only grow more passionate and widespread as we near closer to their next album. You know, like a considerably less dangerous wildfire. (I think...)

The moral of the story is this: 1D Fans are so damn dedicated that their dedication shows even in something as simple as their tweets. The reactions from the fandom in response to “Drag Me Down” aren’t just any old tweets of praise and excitement. No, these utterances are far more nuanced and thought out. Directioners have upped the game of idol love and admiration. They have fun in their excitement and know how to laugh at themselves in order to make the rest of us laugh along with them. (And really, I'm sharing in their glee. I mean, a new One Direction song is a win for us all, isn’t it? And especially because this particular song is undeniably good.)

Here are 11 ways Directioners awesomely reacted to the release of, “Drag Me Down”:

1. This Fan Voiced The Collective Mood

I wish some tweets came with confetti.

2. Some Fans Got Dark (And Literal)

This took a weird turn...

3. Some Were Just Totally In Awe Of Their Mad Skills

*Claps in agreement*

4. Others Penned An Essay To Articulate Their Feelings

Is "One Direction Studies" an actual college major? It should be.

5. Some Fans Literally Couldn't Even


6. There Were Those Who Weren't Taking Anyone's Crap

Simon says it best when he says nothing.

7. Some Parents Of Fans Just Didn't Understand

Ugh, guys.

8. Some Let The Boys Do The Talking


9. Some Fans Got Cinematic In Their Excitement

This is pretty epic.

10. There Were Those Who Sacrificed Their Health

For a good cause.

11. Some Got Very Meta

*Hears X-Files Music* Whoa.

Directioners, get on with your bad selves.