Is "Drag Me Down" About Zayn Malik?

With all the drama on Twitter lately, is it possible that the new One Direction song "Drag Me Down" is about Zayn Malik? Just in case you were sleeping like a normal human last night, One Direction released a new single around 1:30 a.m. EST, with all four members of the band tweeting out links to the first song of their latest album, anticipated August 7. It marks the first release of the band since Zayn Malik's departure, and it comes a mere day after the former member tweeted to announce his solo record deal. If there were a time for One Direction to throw same shade, now would be it — but alas, perhaps they are saving it for one of the other tracks on the album. "Drag Me Down" does not appear to be about Zayn Malik, but rather about the perseverance of ~true love~, combined with a sick beat that is about to make you feel like a total baller on your morning commute.

The song is the first of many on the upcoming album, so only time will tell whether or not the remaining members of 1D decide to dedicate a song to their former band member. Although Zayn claimed he was departing the band to be a "normal twenty two year old" a few months ago, fans were thrown for a loop when he tweeted a picture of himself signing a deal with RCA Records on Wednesday.

Rather than respond to the tweet or the general pandemonium the announcement stirred in the fandom, the remaining members of 1D responded with the ultimate mic drop:

And, of course, Harry's figurative mic drop to end all figurative mic drops:

I'm not sure how all the tension is going to shake out, but this I know for sure — all members of One Direction, past and present, are united in the single cause of breaking the internet. #DragMeDown is already trending worldwide, and the song has already risen to number one on iTunes without any promotion. If there were ever any question to how the band was going to fare in the wake of Zayn Malik's departure — well, there's no answer quite as resounding as that.