'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' Will Feature Major Twerkage

Ke$ha's reality show is a gift. To humanity, television, the world, glitter manufacturers, you name it. It is also, in so, so many ways, a reflection of our time. Which is why this twerking preview of Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life is neither surprising now unprecedented. But it is delightful!

"That is nasty," Ke$ha's mom says as she watches various (old, young, men, women) members of her family twerk against the walls of their family home. What else does she expect when she allows a camera crew into her house, sent by a network who says things like "the family that stays together twerks together" in its previews. That's not even how that saying goes!

We can't say we're skeptical or that we're not completely in love with Ke$ha, because we'd be lying — anyone who's seen the music video for "Blow" has to admit that this woman is a genius and a comedian and that we live in a world that we're all just going to have to eventually admit to ourselves that Ke$ha rules.

This episode itself airs Wednesday at 10:30 pm, so basically what we're saying is that if you want to witness modern pop culture genius, you should probably watch.