Where Has Marguerite Moreau Been?

The greatest day ever has finally arrived: The Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp is officially streaming and it's just the best news. For those who have never seen the original, go do that immediately. It's a hilarious comedy about a bunch of ridiculous counselors and workers at a summer camp who have no idea what they're doing and have more hormones worse than the teenagers that they're watching over. The original film stars amazing actors like Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, Molly Shannon, David Hyde Pierce, Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Christopher Meloni, and many more. Seriously. But one of the best things about Wet Hot American Summer is one of its main characters Katie, played by Marguerite Moreau. Now that name might not seem as familiar as a Poehler or a Rudd or a Cooper, but trust me, you've seen Moreau before as she's worked quite a bit since her appearance in the film.

Marguerite may not have had her own television show, she may not have been nominated for a few Academy Awards, and she may not be a Marvel superhero, but she's appeared in quite a few films and is well-known for her work in TV. These are just some of her greatest hits.

Reed Carlson — The O.C.

In 2005, Moreau played the recurring character of Reed Carlson on the hit Fox series The O.C. Reed was the Vice President of Bad Science, the comic book company that was interested in the comic book Seth, Summer and Zach were creating, Atomic County. Seth and Summer faced some tension when it came to Reed as Seth never told Summer that Reed was a woman. Reed attempted to make Summer more comfortable with the idea of the team working with her and asked Summer if she wanted to be the star of the comic. Unfortunately, she loses her cool with the team when all Seth and Zach can do is fight over Summer.

Katie — Parenthood

Before Crosby ended up with Jasmine, Jabbar, and Aida, he originally began the series with Katie, played by Moreau. Katie was Crosby's girlfriend when he reconnected with Jasmine and discovered he had a kid with her. Katie breaks up with Crosby when she discovers that truth on her own and when Crosby doesn't introduce Jabbar to her after hanging out with him for over a month.

Linda — Shameless

Linda is Kash's wife on Shameless. Despite being Caucasian, she is a proud Muslim and does not realize at first that Kash is having a homosexual relationship with Ian Gallagher. When she does find out Kash's secret, she agrees to let him keep his relationship with Ian going, as long as Kash will provide her a son. Kash abides by the rule for a while until the marriage becomes too much and he leave his family.

Dr. Emma Marling — Grey's Anatomy

Emma is Owen's ex-girlfriend and the Head of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital. She was introduced in Season 10 while at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital's fundraising gala where she was hoping to get a few donors for her hospital. She meets Owen and despite his history with Christina they make it work for a while. When Arizona puts her up for a job at Grey Sloan Memorial and everyone loves her, she decides not to take the job for fear that if she and Owen ended things, everyone would choose him. Owen breaks up with her after he has a one-night stand with Christina.

So yeah, you could say this actress is keeping pretty busy since her days at camp.

Images: Getty Images; mandykaren, tatianasemmy, theocbyepisode/Tumblr; Screenshot/Netflix