When Does 'Polark' Return For More Epic Romance?

One of my favorite things about summer is finding a fun, shorter-run series to get absolutely lost in while I wait for my usual television shows to come out of hiatus (yeah, TV is my life. So what?). This summer was particularly kind as it brought the acid-laced reality TV satire of UnREAL and the sweeping period piece mixed with epic romance Masterpiece: Poldark. We're getting pretty close to the end of Poldark Season 1, so I was pretty relieved when the BBC announced that Poldark is renewed for Season 2. The Controller of BBC One, Charlotte Moore spoke about the renewal saying, "I can exclusively announce that Sunday’s night new phenomenon Poldark that has captured the nations’ hearts has been commissioned for a second series."

Besides the renewal we also have the broody Aidan Turner returing as Poldark (really, this was a must for renewal, there would be no show without him) and the stunning Eleanor Tomlinson back as Demelza. The two key characters back together again is all I really needed to hear. I'm wondering if Francis will be in Season 2 (you have to have someone to dislike) and if Elizabeth will still be around pining. Regardless of those two, I really just want more Verity. OK, wait, more Verity and love scenes with Poldark and Demelza. That's the dream.

My personal hopes, dreams, and shirtless fantasies aside, it looks like Poldark Season 2 will have plenty of romance, but a lot of heartbreak as well. Season 1 was based on the first two books of the Winston Graham novels, and Season 2 will be based mostly off of the third, with some on the fourth. The third book is called Jeremy Poldark, named after Ross and Demelza's son. The fourth is titled Warleggan, possibly named for the banker that has had it our for Poldark from day one. Or maybe a relation of his, it's too early to tell.

While it's just speculation at this point, the books shed some light on what's to come when the show returns, hopefully next summer. While there is no official premiere date for Season 2, it seems like a safe bet that Poldark will fill the summer months of 2016, just like it did this year — unless PBS gives us an excellent surprise. When he does return, Polark (in true hero fashion) will rally the poor to salvage some goods illegally to keep themselves from starving, possibly leading to his almost getting killed. Demelza will fight, rally, and generally be the best person ever (fact) and hopefully Verity finds nothing but happiness.

While Jeremey Poldark seems the most fraught with social dangers, Warleggan sounds like it's tense for all of the Ross/Demelza shippers out there. Ross begins seeing Elizabeth more and more and Demelza (never one to just sit around) takes up with a cavalry officer. Sounds tense and juicy, and I cannot wait for next summer.

Images: Robert Viglasky/PBS; costumetalk/Tumblr