Poldark & Demelza Are Seriously Hot Right Now

by Alice Walker

I am not here to sell you on Poldark, because it's already been proven Poldark is one of the most addicting shows of the summer. It's got everything you could possibly want in a dramatic miniseries. Sweeping landscapes, life or death stakes, lovers separated by war, heroes fighting against the odds, and Aidan Turner who I am pretty sure is contractually obligated to be shirtless in every episode. (Bless whichever lawyers added that to his deal.) It's a thing of beauty. Of course, no epic would be complete without a love story but that's very much accounted for here since Poldark and Demelza have the best relationship on TV.

It's so pat, it really shouldn't work as well as it does. She's a girl from a dirt-poor family masquerading as a boy when Poldark saves her from a gang trying to beat her up (and her dog!). So he hires her as a kitchen maid and of course she blossoms into a stunningly beautiful woman who is super into him. They eventually fall into bed and he straight-up marries her. It's pretty swoon-worthy, even if it's a plot that easily could have been pulled out of a dime paperback. So, why are they the best couple around? I've given this a lot of thought (some would say too much) and the reasons are numerous.

1. He's Moody

Poldark broods like it is his job. He's constantly stressed about money, trying to do the right thing, and is really kind of a jerk sometimes. Demelza knows him inside and out, and can easily pull him from his funk.

2. She's Prickly And Difficult

The reason they are a compelling couple at all is because Demelza is never a stereotype. She never simpers or takes any crap at all. In fact, she is pretty angry a lot of the time trying to keep up with the new situations Poldark throws her into.

3. It's Steamy

For a show airing on PBS, there is some pretty sexy stuff in here. And, it is good.

4. They Have Common Goals

It may sound trite but having common interests is kind of crucial, and these two are both all in for the mining business, and getting the town back on its feet.

5. They Have Ememies Out The Ying Yang

Sure, goals are all well and good, but really it's fun to root for the underdog. These two have creditors after their blood, family that resents them, and a town that thinks they maybe should have just stayed friends. It's pretty romantic to see them stick up for each other.

6. Verity Believes In Them

And Verity is the best; that's just a fact.

7. They Get On

And, if that's not the best damn reason to get married then I don't know what is.

Images: Robert Viglasky/PBS; giphy(6); mymadnesswon/Tumblr