Ethan Hawke Talks Windows 10 In New Ad Campaign

I don’t know about you, but I have some questions for those Windows 10 commercials. I will share them now. Will future generations really be able to log into their online bank accounts with a smile? Will hackers figure out a way to hack smiles? Is it going to be like that one scene in Mission Impossible with the eye scanner-duping contact lenses, but with mouths? What’s that song? Hm, let's start with Q number 4 and work backwards, cool? Let’s Shazam that sweet song and figure out what it is. (No, I am not referring to the dulcet tones of actor Ethan Hawke’s voice. And yes, that is Ethan Hawke’s voice delivering the ad copy.) Thanks to Shazam, I now know that the song in the Microsoft Windows 10 ads is “Tell The World” by Eric Hutchinson. The track can be found on 2014’s Pure Fiction, the singer-songwriter’s third full-length album.

OK, Q number four is good to go. As for Qs one-three? I don't know the answers. Shazam is great, but it has its limits. Also? Mouth contact lenses sound horrifying. I'm picturing a mouth image printed off on a piece of saran wrap. No, thank you.

Enough about mouth contact lenses. Here is music video for "Tell The World" by Eric Hutchinson:

Image: Windows/YouTube