Kylie Responds To Those Crazy Wedding Rumors

You know a rumor has gone too far when the most chill member of the Kardashian/Jenner family takes a break from living her fabulous, DGAF life to try and squash the silliness once and for all. Kylie Jenner is sick and tired of hearing about her wedding plans to rumored older boyfriend Tyga. During the short time they've allegedly been an item, the 17-year-old and her 25-year-old boyfriend have eloped, become pregnant, are planning to move in together after she turns 18 this summer, and agreed to give the traditional route a go by planning a $5 million wedding bash (which is totally traditional for the Jenners.)

Depending on which news story you choose to accept, Kylie and Tyga have either been dating since the start of March or since way back in 2011, when In Touch Weekly reportedly got its hands on a clip that shows Kylie, then 14, acting all giggly around the rapper, who was hired to perform at Kendall's Sweet 16 (which proves absolutely nothing, of course). For the most part, Kylie has shaken off the gossip, but the teen has apparently reached her boiling point. In between dishing beauty secrets and giving us a glimpse at the most adorable black and floral mesh dress in the galaxy, Kylie made light of the rumor that she's already a Mrs. or days away from becoming one by posting her thoughts on marriage:

If I had to guess, I'd say Tyga — who looks pretty content in every photo I've ever seen of him and Kylie — isn't actually itching to walk down the aisle, either. Judging solely by his Instagram page, Tyga is a little too busy recording, touring, convincing people to build him a waterslide from his hotel room to the pool, and hanging out with Bruce Willis (don't ask) to have time to take on husbandly duties.

And it's not like Kylie is slowing down any time soon. In the last few days alone, she's been busy promoting a butt enhancement cream...

...Showing off her flashy ring-finger ring (because there's no way she would have thought people would talk after seeing this one)...

...And, with videos like this one, reminding the world that she's still just 17:

Fortunately, she's a smarter 17 than some are giving her credit for because her no-marriage-yet announcement is music to the ears.