Alicia Keys Is Back To Inspire Us All

by Rachel Semigran

The queen of R&B is back with a brand new single, and trust ne — it's the perfect thing to charge you up during the summer heat wave. Alicia Keys' new track "28 Thousand Days" dropped Friday morning, and, after about one listen, it's clear that this is the kind of song you imagine an athlete listens to before a big game, or maybe the kind high schoolers blast from their cars while throwing their graduation ceremony caps and gowns onto the street. "28 Thousand Days" is everything you want from an anthem — soaring vocals, big band backing, and a message that says, "I am here to conquer." In short, the song will give you the same feeling as a pep talk from Coach Eric Taylor. It'll make you feel strong, proud, and ready to conquer whatever is in front of you — be it running a marathon, or getting past that 2:30 p.m. slump.

The song is also a bit of a departure from Alicia Keys' usual offering. It's less R&B and much more pop, though it still hits those still soulful and earthy notes... because that's just who Alicia Keys is as an artist. The sound itself is bright and fantastic, like New Orleans meets New York City — in other words, what's NOT to love? It'll get stuck in your head after just one play, and I can almost guarantee that you'll add it to your gym workout or morning wake-up playlists.

So, if you need a little pick me up, "28 Thousand Days" — a song that's all about taking life by the horns and carpe-ing that friggin' diem — is for you. Here are the song's most inspiring and badass lines for inspirational pleasure:

"Blood In My Eye, Hand On My Heart / Feet On The Ground, Head To The Sky"

This song JUST started, and I already feel like a fearless lioness.

"If You Had 28 Thousand Days / Who Would You Love?"

As Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé would say, "I'm feelin' myself."

"Back From Hell With My Angel Wings"

Like a phoenix, ye shall rise!

"Ain't No Fear In My Voice / Cause I'm Making A Choice"

Now, all I want to do is read up on Wendy Davis and cry about solidarity and womanhood.

"The Devil Ain't No Friend of Me"


"I'm Telling You That Life's Too Short To Just Throw It Away"

Is anyone else having major TLC "Waterfalls" flashbacks right now?

"So Have The Time Of Your Life"

Do it. Dream it. Be it. Live it!

Thoroughly Inspired? Listen To The Whole Song Here:

Is anyone else ready to go climb a mountain and scream, "I AM FREE" while wearing a red, white, and blue bandana? No? Just me?

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