Alicia Keys Is The Newest Face Of Levi's

If you thought Levi's were cool, just wait until you hear who they named their new spokesmodel. Levi's announced Alicia Keys as the newest face of the brand and I am seriously so excited for the campaign, as well as the latest style of jeans to be released. According to The New York Times, these jeans will be all about flexibility and stretchiness. Thank goodness for that considering a woman was recently hospitalized from her skinny jeans.

Ms. Soul Queen, Alicia Keys told NYT that her motto is, "If it ain't tight, it ain't right," which is why she was so down to be the ambassador of these new skinnies that are tight yet flexible (guess we know her thoughts on mom jeans). After roaming around in a pair of the new Levi's Lot, Keys described, "the stretch" as being, "really comfortable. You don't have to lie on the bed to get them up. You know, I'm a very shapely woman, and often a lot of fashion does not seem to celebrate a shapely woman. But that courtesy should be present in everything we wear."

Regardless of your stance on skinny jeans, you have to admit that girl looks good in them. I'm so pumped to see her billboard ads out in SoHo, but hopefully they won't get tagged like Kendall's did.

Image: @aliciakeys/Instagram