11 One Direction GIFs For When You're Killing It

You know those odd instances when you shed your usual awkward, clumsy, unsure skin and somehow happen to be a total boss? Or, when life just happens to go your way for once? It’s a particularly amazing feeling, isn’t it? The sort of feeling that words don’t suffice in accurately describing. You know who else knows what it’s like to kill it every once in a while? The boss boys of One Direction. I mean, they’re barely into their early twenties and they’ve already got loads of fans, money, success, and talent. They also tend to get their over-the-top enthusiasm for their amazing lives transformed into equally amazing GIFs.

I suppose we should thank the boy band gods and the overlord of the music industry, Simon Cowell, for bringing One Direction and subsequently, their on point reactions into our previously colorless lives. Where would we be without them and their gifts of GIFs? Probably nowhere. OK, that’s drastic. What I mean to say is that the Internet would be a hell of a lot more boring, that’s for sure.

So, here are 11 One Direction GIFs to add to your arsenal and use when you’re totally killing the game and need some way to express your awesomeness:

1. When You Get The Most Perfectly Charred Dog On The Grill

Oh hell yeah.

2. When You Ask A Stranger In The Bar To Take A Pic Of You And Your Squad

Roll out the red carpet, peasants.

3. When You Moisturize To Keep Up Your Amazing Tan

You look SO good.

4. When Your Best Friend Tells You Your Ass Looks Really Good In Your New Jeans...

And that makes you feel the need to prove it to others.

5. When Someone Tells You They Think You'd Make It Far In The Hunger Games

You are Katniss. You are INVINCIBLE.

6. When Your Mom Makes You Pose For A Pic When You Blow Out Your Birthday Candles

It's your birthday. It's your photo shoot.

7. When You're Cruisin' With Your Best Bud And An Oldie But Goodie Comes On The Radio

Driving comes second to dancing.

8. When You Get A Two-For-One Chipotle Coupon


9. When You Successfully Avoid The Drama Going On Around You


10. When Your Mom Makes Tacos For Your And You Siblings

You knew you liked her for a reason.

11. When You Remember All The Lyrics To The National Anthem

Yes, you ARE a genius.

Keep slaying it, dudes. We'll try to keep up.

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