'American Horror Story,' Now With Lance Reddick As Voodoo Satan

First of all, how has American Horror Story not had a 'voodoo Satan' character already? This is actually one of the few logical moves in the show. I mean really, there's a zombie threesome and sexual encounters with a minotaur, but no voodoo Satan? Second of all, it's a good thing that it's Lance Reddick who will be joining the show as the aforementioned voodoo Satan character, Papa Legba. Reddick plays Phillip Broyles in Fringe, so he's used to a little weird (not to mention that that fab scarf already makes him look a little bit like Doctor Facilier from The Princess and the Frog). Of course, Papa Legba is just another character in American Horror Story's tradition of throwing history and myth at the wall and seeing what sticks. He's a real figure in Haitian voodoo, although he's not exactly Satan, more of an intermediary between the mortal world and the spirit world.

But this isn't just casting news. In the recent American Horror Story cover story for Entertainment Weekly, show creator Ryan Murphy let slip that that Marie Laveau looks doesn't just get her youthful glow from her strict cosmetic regimen of human blood — she sold her soul. Now we know just who she sold it to — Papa Legba. Here's yet another crazy theory to add to the ever-growing American Horror Story theory pile: will Papa Legba be the end of Marie Laveau?