5 Theories on How 'American Horror Story: Coven' Will End

Wednesday night is the eighth episode of American Horror Story: Coven , and the series is already moving along at a rollercoaster-fast speed. From reincarnations to Frankenstein boy-toys to feuding witches, this show is full of exciting developments and bizarrely awesome plot twists. Sadly, we'll have to say goodbye to the American Horror Story: Coven characters by the end of this season — the anthology series will press the "reset" button once again for the fourth installment of the series. Here are some of the predictions for where the witches will end up come the finale...

Fiona will get what's coming to her

Fiona isn't exactly the best at making friends. She murdered her apparent "successor" Madison and managed to have Myrtle Snow burned at the stake for blinding Fiona's daughter, Cordelia — a crime that Fiona framed her for. Now that Cordelia has developed her new psychic seeing abilities and can see Fiona for who she really is — a youth-obsessed, selfish murderess — it seems that no one is on Fiona's side. With Myrtle reincarnated and voodoo Queen Madame Laveau out to kill all of the witches in the coven, things can't end well for Fiona Goode...

Cordelia's husband will turn on Madame Laveau

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it does seem that Hank really cares for Cordelia. Sure, their relationship was based on him infiltrating the coven at Madame Laveau's bidding, but hey, no one is perfect, right? Plus, I have a hard time believing that Hank would really want to have a baby with Cordelia if his plan was to kill her and the other witches all along — could Cordelia discovering that she can, in fact, have a baby change Hank's plan? Ultimately, I think Hank will show loyalty to Cordelia and not Madame Laveau. How Madame Laveau reacts to that, well, is another story entirely.

Madame LaLaurie will find redemption

This is tricky, because part of me is angry at American Horror Story: Coven for turning LaLaurie into a sympathetic character in the first place. It's almost exactly the kind of stunt that they pulled with Tate in the first series of the show — no matter how many horrible things we find out about these character's pasts, we can't help but not see them as sympathetic victims of circumstance. But, that being said, there is something heartbreaking about LaLaurie finding out that Queenie betrayed her and put her in Laveau's torture chamber. Perhaps a taste of her own medicine is exactly what LaLaurie needs in order to redeem her soul.

Nan will be the next supreme

When Madison supposedly lit the curtains on fire, making Fiona think that she was the next in line for her crown, who else was in the room? That's right — Nan. We already know that Nan is clairvoyant, meaning that she can read other people's thoughts. She already knows that Fiona is up to no good... it would be smart for her to protect herself from her wrath by making Madison appear to be the next Supreme. While Zoe may be showing signs that her power is growing, Nan already could be more powerful than the rest of the witches and is simply smart enough to keep it under wraps.

Misty Day will find her place in a tribe

As the lead singer of a Fleetwood Mac cover band, naturally.

Image: AMC