This Could Be The End Of 'BB17's Clay & Shelli

It could be the end of an era if James — the new Big Brother HOH — is able to successfully complete his mission this week inside the house. The era, of course, is Clay and Shelli being nominated on Big Brother 17 and the mission is to send one of them home at the end of Week 6. I KNOW. This is traumatic. This is amazing. There are so many damn emotions I am feeling about this one. It's no secret that Shelli and Clay (Clelli) have been controlling the house with an iron fist, but now the time has come — Clelli made their bed, and now they have to lay in it.

Deciding how you feel about this happening is like Sophie's Choice. On one hand, you've got Clelli separating (finally) — excitement. On the other hand, you've got the possibility of Clay leaving the house — tragedy. There are a lot of thoughts going through all of our heads about James' "straight for the jugular" game move, and if you need help distinguishing them, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room, to see what we have to say about the potential split-up of Clelli.

If Clay and Shelli are put on the block, there are a few different things that might happen. Let's look at the possible outcomes of a dual Clelli nomination.

They Turn Against Each Other

An ideal situation, because these two are just getting annoyingly attached to each other. Plus, just think of the drama if these two turn against each other and go to war!

They Grow Stronger & Somehow Both Survive

Jokes on us, these two are indestructible. This is the worst situation, because that means we'd be stuck watching Shelli control the house with Clay acting as her shadow. Plus, that means that they — as a couple — are still together.

They Stay Loyal, But Clay Is Sent Home

This would be a tragedy. No one is ready for this. At least send him to jury so we can keep up with (read: look at) him week-to-week.

They Stay Loyal, But Shelli Is Sent Home

This wouldn't be a tragedy, but it would be too bad because Shelli has proven to be a pretty strategic player that is only going home because her showmance with and loyalty to Clay.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy (4)