Drake's New Ally Is A Badass Canadian Politician

Don't mess with... Toronto? The ongoing Drake and Meek Mill saga took a turn for the amazingly bizarre after Drake found a friend in Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly. Kelly stepped up to defend his boy after Nicki Minaj's boyfriend accused him of working with a ghostwriter on his songs. The politician, who is known for his quick wit and social media flare, didn't waste any time putting his two cents in after learning that Mill had the audacity to accuse the former Degrassi: The Next Generation star of hiring someone with more talent to pen his lyrics.

It doesn't matter that Drake released not one, but two, diss tracks — "Charged Up" and "Back to Back" — in the short week since Mill accused him of being a hack. Makes no difference that Mill finally responded with "Wanna Know," a song that failed to eviscerate his competition in the way he had hoped and instead made him look a bit foolish and desperate. Everyone knows Drake is the clear winner (so far) in this feud and that he doesn't need anyone to fight his battles for him. But none of this kept Kelly from going to bat for his fellow Canadian and possibly gaining entry to his squad.

Here's the Kelly tweet that made him a household name for Drake fans everywhere:

If you ask me, the councillor was trying to do the rapper a favor, because Tuesday night, Mill was booed when he performed with Minaj at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, according to the Toronto Sun. Mill didn't see it that way and tweeted a defensive response:

Over to Kelly, who attempted to clarify his message:

FYI, just so you can get a feel for Kelly's humor, he's the same politician who posted this:

And this:

Don't think Drake isn't appreciative of Kelly's warm embrace. He gave his new favorite public servant a shout-on on Instagram, along with an invitation to his OVO fest, which takes place this weekend at the same venue in which Mill was practically booed off stage.

How great would it be if Kelly attended? Performed a duet with Drake? Ran for office with him? The possibilities of this new alliance have me giddy.

I know I'll be extremely careful from now on when it comes to dissing Canadians. They don't play around.