What if 'Veronica Mars' Had Tumblr?

Watching shows from the early 2000s is enjoyable not only for the questionable fashion choices, but for the vast differences in technology as well. I love thinking about what how cell phones and modern social media would affect my favorite (slightly) older shows. And then there's the social media factor, which leads me to a most important question that has crossed my mind on more than one occasion: What would Veronica Mars' Tumblr look like? The teenage private detective may mean business, but the internet would be a place where she could act her age.

For one thing, I don't think Veronica would have a creative URL for her blog — it would be some simple variation on her name. After what she's been through, Veronica doesn't trust the internet, so I think her Tumblr would be upfront about who she is and what she does. That's fair on the site. You're either super clear about who you are, or counting on your Tumblr friends to protect your identity from your IRL companions.

Beyond the simple stuff, our girl would also use the page for financial gain — she knows how to make a buck. But it still wouldn't be all business. Veronica still loves to party and spend time with her friends and she's not completely detached from pop culture.

With all that in mind, I went ahead and mocked up her possible Tumblr page:

Gotta have that Lilly photo.

And while investigative work might keep her from posting regularly, but I think she'd be good at this kind of blogging...

She'd Have Some Wise Words

Thanks to the amazing narration on the series, we know her text post game would be on point. She'd have witty observations and notes for days.

There'd Be Some Nostalgia

So many flashbacks to Veronica's memories of her BFF Lilly Kane included some kind of throwback jam, right?

There'd Be Subtle Support For Her Pals

She'd definitely reblog Logan's quotes — a convention I think would easily carry over from voicemail messages to microblogging. And obviously I think Logan Echolls is an Amy Poehler fan.

She'd Seek Your Monetary Support

Like I said, she's enterprising. While Veronica Mars used Kickstarter to front their feature film, I think Veronica herself would go for a GoFundMe to supplement her detective expenses.

She's Not All Tough — There'd Be Ponies

Veronica always joked with her Dad about wanting a pony. If Keith were ever to find this page, she'd need to be sure he saw the hint.

She'd Show Us Where She Got All That Sass

The series is a modern take on the Film Noir genre of the 1940s and 50s — and I have to think Veronica is also a fan.

Needless to say, I'd give this girl a follow. And a few reblogs.

Images: UPN (Screengrab); Leah Thomas/Tumblr (8)