12 Camping Items You Need To Explore The Great Outdoors In Style

Even if you're not planning a glamping trip, setting out for the woods doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your style in the name of function. It's totally possible to indulge in some cute camping supplies that will make your time spent outdoors feel a little more luxurious. This isn't about bringing the indoors outside — it's just about making the outdoors seem a little more chic.

Be sure to pack some sunscreen and insect repellent along with your necessary camping supplies, and you're sure to have the best camping trip ever — and you'll look great while doing it.

Image: urbanoutfitters.com

Floral Camping Chair

Plastic folding chairs can be a sore sight, but this floral version adds some flair to your campground.

Chair, $120, urbanoutfitters.com

Wool Outdoor Blanket

A wool blanket doubles as a picnic station and a source of warmth if it gets chilly.

Blanket, $199, pendleton.com

Handmade Floral Sleeping Bag

Sleep on the ground while still getting some comfy beauty rest with a handmade sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag, $280, etsy.com

Two-Person Tent

It’s not really camping without a tent, so you might as well spring for one of the coolest-looking tents while you’re at it.

Tent, $250, urbanoutfitters.com

Enamel Bigfoot Mug

There’s nothing like sipping coffee out of an enamel mug around the campfire while telling classic horror stories and urban legends.

Mug, $14, etsy.com

Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated while looking cool with a funky reusable bottle.

S’well Water bottle, $35, anthropologie.com

Portable Radio

Give your iPhone a break, and turn on the radio for some atmospheric tunes.

Radio, $50, jcrew.com

Metal Camping Lantern

Keep your campground lit with a pretty portable lantern.

Lantern, $9.99, target.com

Portable Grill

Cook up a meal that will give you enough energy to hit the trails with this portable grill.

Grill, $89.99, modcloth.com

Marshmallow Roasting Set

Sure, sticks work too, but your s’mores will seem much more sophisticated (and sanitary) with a roasting set.

Marshmallow roasting set, $18.99, target.com

Travel Bottle

This thermos will keep you hydrated and also help you get to know some of your surrounding flora.

Travel bottle, $29.99, modcloth.com

Hiking Backpack

Everything you could possibly need should fit in a backpack. This sturdy hiking pack will do the trick.

Hiking Backpack, $239, dickssportinggoods.com