24 Teen Choice Awards Outfits That You've Probably Forgotten About, But Need To See Again

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Sandwiched between the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and the MTV VMAs, the Teen Choice Awards is like the middle sister of all awards shows. The fashion is semi-rebellious, but still keeps in the theme of celebrating all things TEEN. The show is also held in Los Angeles during peak summer season, so celebrities like to keep it cool and casual with summery dresses, or comfortable tops with jeans. The outfits are always bright, colorful, and totally cool for the summer (and also perfect for standing next to the surfboard "trophy" that the winners receive). With the 2015 Teen Choice Awards just two weeks away, let's take a look back at some outfits that shined on the red carpet and some that most of us have probably forgotten about, but truly deserve a second look.

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