Kendrick's Quirky "For Free? (Interlude)" Video

Have you spent hours analyzing the songs on Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly ? The album has been getting a ton of buzz ever since it dropped back in March and the rapper just released a new music video for "For Free? (Interlude)." The new video captures the energetic and unapologetic quality of Lamar's album.

Unsurprising given Lamar's creativity, the location for the video is awesome. The camera follows one money-hungry woman around a mansion as she is haunted by the rapper. That's right: Everywhere she turns, Lamar and his jazz band are following her. Creepy, yes, but the cleverness and the quirkiness of the video keeps viewers intrigued. To make matters even more intense, Lamar actually multiplies.

"For Free? (Interlude)" is driven by a combination Lamar's rapid-fire verses and the frantic instrumentation. The video for the song captures both, while ensuring that its boldness isn't weakened. If anything, the powerful lyrics are underscored by Lamar's behavior in the video. The message is received loud and clear.

Clocking in at just more than two minutes, the "For Free? (Interlude)" video flies by, but you can relive the most memorable times Lamar haunts the video vixen in the GIFs below.

When He's Up Against The Screen Door

Oh, hey there, Lamar.

When He Chases Her Across The Balcony

And thus it begins.

When He Surprises Her In The Bathroom

Consider that relaxing soak in the tub over.

When He Leans In The Window

Even when she's washing dishes, he's there.

When He Turns Into The Statue

Freaky, yet cool.

When He's Uncle Sam

And he's lurking in her basement.

When He Multiplies

So many Kendrick Lamars!

Images: Interscope Records (8)