Bruce Jenner & Tara Reid Will Appear in 2014's Craziest Movie

If you've always wondered what Bruce Jenner looks like with bright blue lipstick and hair strikingly similar to ex-wife Kris's, you're kind of weird — but you're in luck. The patriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Bruce Jenner will appear in The Hungover Games next year, a film that parodies The Hangover, The Hunger Games, and a bunch of other popular movies from the past few years.

A group of guys imitating The Hangover crew wakeup from their Vegas insanity to find themselves competing in The Hungover Games against Katniss-imposter Katnip, Ted from Ted, Django from Django Unchained, and other characters. Bruce will appear as a Caesar Flickerman-type announcer, complete with blue Kris Jenner hair and lipstick. His co-announcer is played by former NFL receiver and current Kendra Wilkinson husband Hank Baskett.

But none of that is even the best part — Tara Reid is in this movie, as well. She'll play the Effie Trinket ripoff who escorts the Hangover guys to the arena. Could it get any better/worse? Yes, yes it could. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards show up, too.

Essentially, this movie will be 2014's biggest train wreck, if it makes it to theaters. It wouldn't be the first parody to do hit the big screen, though: 2010's Vampires Suck and the Scary Movie franchise have blazed a nice trail. But as amazingly awful as The Hungover Games sounds, if you pay money to see it, you're asking for another.

The choice is yours, go see The Hungover Games, laugh at Bruce Jenner and get stuck with another one in two years, or just watch the trailer and get the same amount of laughs.