Can You Wear Sneakers With Leggings?

I'm sure you've asked yourself the question can you wear sneakers with leggings at least once in your life. Here's your answer: yes, absolutely! Everyone has accepted the fact that leggings are A-OK as pants (unless you're going to the Met Gala or something). With fall right around the corner, you're not going to want to wear your summer sandals when it starts getting a little colder and sometimes, your feet will be begging you to give them a break from wearing heavy boots. Personally, I feel like the cooler weather totally gives you full reign to wear whatever you want, as long as you're warm—sneakers and leggings, included!

If you mainly wear leggings and sneakers when you're going out to the gym, then you are definitely missing out. The thing is, you can get the same comfort even when you're going out, plus, athleisure-wear is totally in for fall. Don't be afraid to rock it!

You can dress your staple leggings up or down this fall, depending on what kind of sneaker you want to wear. If you're going out with a group of friends for dinner or to a party, perhaps a pair of darker leggings with some Stan Smiths is the way to go. Brunch or errands? Slap on some printed leggings with a bright pair of Nike Frees!

There are endless ways you can style leggings and sneakers. Here are some examples to give you inspiration.

1. Dress Them Up

Pleather leggings can easily dress up any casual pair of sneakers.

Or if you have a fancier pair of sneakers, then you can dress up your leggings, or jeggings in this case.

2. Think Monochrome

Have your sneakers pop with a monochromatic outfit.

Or blend right in.

3. Rock The Moto Look

And easy way to go for an edgy look with sneakers is to get a pair of moto leggings. They're also really easy to dress up.

Or even dress down!

4. Go For A Casual Feel

Love the contrast between the all-white Superstars and the leggings.

Bring out the "leisure" in athleisure.

5. Embrace Knits

Fall is all about knitted pieces. The Nike Flyknits are perfect with leggings.

If you don't have knitted sneakers, then knitted leggings are super cute too.

Images: team_cozy (2), minapink, crista_sciortino, itsdxxba, 20legz, mellowootd, shopmissbish, angela_beeler, occassionally_perfect/Instagram