How To Master The 'Athleisure' Trend In 5 Steps

From work to meetings to gym-time, our days are often jam-packed. As days (and to-do lists) grow longer, the bags on our arms and under our eyes seem to multiply before the end of the week. But the new athleisure trend is changing all that. Whether it's finding motivation to hit the gym or seamlessly transitioning from the office to yoga class, this athletic-inspired trend is redefining the way we dress in order to make our days run smoother and our nights start sooner.

Athleisure combines a trendy, chic look with elements of traditional athletic clothes. Think adorable day wear that's comfy enough to work out in. Major designers and retailers are reimagining the way we dress and creating clothes with the perfect combination of day-to-night, office-to-gym, home-to-meeting style in mind. Hold on to you leggings, ladies and gents, because it's an exciting time to be a fashionista who happens to value fitness.

With colored leggings, subtle sneakers and fitted jackets that can easily transition from the office to the gym, it's easier than ever before to manage busy days. Say goodbye to the days of packing separate bags to take to the office. With athleisure, you've got all-in-one outfits ready to take you anywhere you need to go. Here's everything you need to master the trend.

1. Great transition tops

A casual fitted t-shirt is the perfect place to start.. Swap out your satin for something to get sweaty in, and you won't have to make the extra stop to change before the gym. Brands like Lululemon have a variety of tops that can take you throughout the entire day with ease. Opting for black makes this office-to-gym transition a snap.

2. Stroll-worthy shoes

Sneak in some sporty style with a great pair of tennis shoes to get your day off to a running start. Athletic companies have started embracing athleisure and making tennis shoes with a more casual look, making them perfect for daily wear. Floral prints and high tops are the best ways to sneak a little extra style into your wardrobe, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

3. Risky wraps

A great wrap can transform any outfit, but when added to an athleisure look, you'll be ready to take on anything the world throws your way. Easily move from season-to-season and day-to-night with this look. A dark-colored, longer length sweater will make mornings a breeze.

4. Jackets for all occasions

Along with wraps, jackets are another great way to turn a sporty outfit into something perfect for day. Similar to a cardigan, jackets have the ability to transform any ensemble. Opt for a fitted jacket for a long business day or a loose fitting jacket for a day out with friends.

5. Patterned pants

Master the athleisure trend with a bold pair of leggings. This is where your personality truly shines. From color-blocked to patterned pants, companies are offering a huge array of leggings and yoga pants to suit any personality. Commit to a sporty look by pairing your pants with an everyday shoe, and you'll be on your way to an athleisurely week.

Images: biancamaycheah, catmeffan, fashionablyflexy, fitnessontoast, athleisurely/Instagram