5 Reasons Why A DIY Wedding Is The Best Way To Say "I Do"

Having been involved in the planning and day-of coordination for quite a few budget weddings, I've come to the definite conclusion that inexpensive, DIY weddings totally rock. They certainly aren't for everyone, and they can be hard work, but some couples totally make a budget wedding look and feel absolutely amazing, because they know where not to waste money on wedding expenses.

Thinking about going the DIY route yourself? Here are five reasons why your wedding is going to be everything you have hoped for and more. DIY weddings that are done well are the ones where guests leave saying, "That was amazing!" All your hard work is going to be worth it... it is, I promise.

Image: Unsplash

by Caitlin Frauton

They Are Super Personalized

Couples who plan a budget wedding are involved in every single decision, and each decision is weighed carefully. Therefore, you can see the couple’s influence on every detail of the wedding. As guests move throughout the day, they are reminded of the couple, what the couple loves, and the couple’s personality over and over again in a really beautiful way.

Image: Courtesy of Somerby Jones Photography

They Have A Strong Sense Of Community

When couples are planning an inexpensive wedding, they usually have the help of some really great friends and family members. As a result, there is a real sense that the couple’s community came together to help them pull off their wedding. When couples are well prepared for their wedding and guests are not exhausted chipping in too much, there’s a truly wonderful vibe that permeates the wedding where all guests feel they have played some sort of meaningful role in the day.

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They Make People Feel Relaxed

Since budget weddings tend to be on the casual side, guests often feel super relaxed. They don’t feel pressure to choose the right fork to eat their salad with, they don’t worry whether their suit is too casual, and they don’t even bother with uncomfortable high heels. Between the casual atmosphere, a few lawn games, and fun food options, guests know how to quickly settle in and have a great time.

Image: Pixabay/Unsplash

They Are Creative

A budget-savvy couple knows how to stretch a dollar, and this often leads to some creative twists on standard wedding conventions: homemade guest books, inexpensive but one-of-a-kind wedding favors, clever takes on dessert (such as ice cream trucks and candy cotton machines), and so much more. Inexpensive weddings still have endless possibilities, and the budget restriction usually means the solutions are all that more creative.

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They Give Perspective

One of the brides I’m working with recently said, “I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding,” and I totally loved that perspective on planning. I find that couples who are trying to have an affordable celebration of their marriage and not give in to the cultural pressure to drop every penny they have on their wedding have an amazing perspective on what they want to get out of their wedding day. They want to have a meaningful ceremony that reflects their love. They want to bring their most favorite people in the world together for the day. And they want to share their favorite things (like great food, dancing, and fun activities) with those people that they love. After all, love isn’t expensive, and your wedding doesn’t have to be either.

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