Khloe K. Totally Pulled A Kylie With Her Lips

Usually, little sisters copy their big sisters when it comes to fashion and makeup. The reverse is certainly true in the krazy Kardashian krew. Khloe Kardashian totally copied Kylie Jenner's lips, rocking that plump, overly drawn, and extreme pout and furthering Kylie's status as an influencer.

Kardashian recently defended her baby sister's use of lip fillers, noting that Jenner was insecure about her looks and would take pictures while covering her mouth.

However, Kardashian's own coral lip look reminds us that actions speak louder than words. She pretty much paid homage, unintentional or otherwise, to her teenage sister's DGAF attitude when it comes to her beauty tricks.

While Jenner's go-to has been a perfectly drawn, matte nude x brown hue with loads of puffy volume, save for a few pitstops at matte black, her older sis went with a reddish pink hue, which she paired with serious, darkly rimmed eyes and a tumble of blonde waves.

I often point out how Kylie Jenner has become Kim Kardashian's mini me. But now it seems like Khloe and Kylie aren't too dissimilar. They're lip twins.

Kardashian's top and bottom lip are puffy and pouty, but you can see that the general shape has been accentuated to appear fuller with liner. Her cupid's bow is exaggerated and the fullness of her lips is what captures the eye.

Notice that even the outer corners of her lips are turned up. That's another angle that was created with product, since it doesn't occur naturally. It's klear that Kardashian's lips were meant to look embellished and she owns it.

Lips don't look like this without a whole lot of assistance from product.

This nude lip look was also extremely puffed and Kylie-esque.

Her rosy brown shade in this snap was more akin to Jenner's lip color of choice.

Koko was semi unrecognizable in this picture, largely due to the blonde bombshell waves.

Jenner isn't the runt of the Kardashian litter. She is setting the trends and her big sisters are taking cues from her. Little sisters rule!

Images: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (4)