Ashley Tisdale Launched A Lifestyle Blog

When it comes to celebrity hair and makeup secrets, there's nothing better than getting tips and tutorials straight from the source. Ashley Tisdale's new blog, Haute Mess, came just in time to dish all about her new strawberry bronde locks. Now you can ditch the hair envy and learn exactly how and why the star decided to change up her look.

She's been flaunting her strawberry bronde look all around Instagram, so it was only a matter of time time before it would land on Haute Mess. According to Tisdale, the blog, which features everything from hair and fashion to food was created to "spotlight the girl bosses, the trendsetters, the innovators, the bloggers, who have a wealth of experiences and knowledge to share with others." And Tisdale creates her own content as well.

Her latest post spotlights her "always changing" hairstyles while focusing on her latest clip and color. "I decided on this 'strawberry bronde' color, which has been such a relief to my hair since I was relying on extensions to cover up the damage up until now," Tisdale wrote. "I’m obsessed with this shade and am totally digging it. Maybe too much." Never too much, girl. Rock those locks!

The rest of her blog fills readers in on everything from how to organize your life to how to organize your closet. It also features a section where you can buy some of the same products featured on the blog. Tisdale's opening post talks all about "embracing 'the haute mess' in all of us" and figuring out new beauty and fashion trends together. From the looks of it, this #GirlBoss won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Not all the content is written by Tisdale herself, but it's clear that she's got a great team helping her discuss topics that many women want to read about. The team of 25 writers let 20-and 30-somethings know that it's okay to be a bit of a, well, haute mess, from time to time.