Bill Nye Always Shuts Down The Haters

Bill Nye the Science Guy used to seem like a distant and lofty figure, mostly because of how he built a career on explaining scientific truths on his show, Bill Nye The Science Guy, without any real sense of urgency. Episodes of the series were shown in middle school and elementary school classrooms across the country for years, fully cementing him as a figure who made science fun. So, who would have guessed that he'd become a pop culture icon at the forefront of the climate change debate? This shift was made apparent on Friday, when a clip of Bill Nye reading mean tweets directed at himself dropped on the web to promote his Kickstarter campaign for The Bill Nye Film. The video was a humorous take on the classic Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment, and managed to show just how much Nye's position in the scientific community has shifted over the eyes.

The Bill Nye Film, in case you're wondering, is a project aimed at promoting and elevating scientific literacy — and the tweets Nye reads in this video prove that this is a worthy goal. While there are plenty of baseless and often profanely anatomical ad hominem attacks, the tweets also question his (very valid) science and climate change arguments. Nye seemed to have a good attitude about the whole thing, though, and even adopted funny voices for the more idiotic of the tweets.

This isn't the first time that Nye has taken on the haters in an amazing way, of course. He has been vocal in the climate change debate, and as a result, he has been pitted against some — ahem — interesting opponents. Here is Nye's pretty adorable reading of some pretty mean tweets, as well as the other times that he has shut down the haters.

When He Defended His Social Media Positions On CNN

By making an excellent and reasonable parallel between those who say that cigarettes don't cause cancer and climate change skeptics, he perfectly responded to accusations that his tweets were alarmist.

When He Called BS On The Patriots

Weighing in on "Deflategate," he made it clear that he was not having any of Bill Belichick's science... before cheekily proclaiming his allegiance to the Seahawks.

When He Took On Marsha Blackburn And Climate Change Skeptics

When Blackburn described him as unqualified, he maintained that you don't need to be a scientist to accept climate change — in addition to describing the many ways he is, in fact, qualified.

When He Explained The Moon to Fox News

By explaining that volcanoes are not related to fossil fuels and making the revolutionary statement that "science is real," this was a definite win for Nye.

You can check out the clip of Nye reading mean tweets below.