7 Mistakes You're Making Shopping For Boots

Even though it's still all kinds of hot outside, fall is around the corner! Before you head out and hit up the mall or start online shopping for boots, make sure to avoid these 7 mistakes you're probably making. Nothing sucks more than getting a pair that won't pull you through the season.

To save yourself some time at the store (or online!), figure out what style you're into. Consider scrolling through these 11 types of fall boots and how to wear them to get an idea of what boot design you love the most. Also be sure to check out all this epic over the knee boots inspo if you're a die hard fan of the look.

Remember, taking a little time to really pick out the right pair of boots is well worth the effort. As long as you avoid these common boot shopping mistakes, you will be golden.

Good luck finding a pair you love!

1. Forgetting The Weather

Live somewhere it's going to rain a lot? Need boots that can brave the snow? As cute as one pair of boots might be, if they can't handle the weather in your area, it's not worth it!

2. Sacrificing Your Foot Health

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If you need special inserts and additional arch support, take your inserts with you while you're shopping. You want boots that not only look good, but will keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

3. No Room For Socks

Bring a pair of the types of socks you'll wear from September through January with you. If you can't get the boots on in your warmest pair of socks, are they really worth buying?

4. Going Too Big

If you're right in between two sizes, opt for the smaller one and have them professionally stretched by a cobbler. Instead of potentially slipping around in rain and snow, you'll have a perfect custom fit!

5. Buying Boots You Can't Actually Move Around In

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Focus on flexibility. Can you bend, skip, slide, twirl, and crouch in your boots? If they're way too stiff to move around in, probably best to skip them.

6. Not Getting Measured

Know the shaft height, calf circumference, and ankle circumference you need? No? Then get properly measured, my friend!

7. Compromising Quality

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Though you definitely can score big at a thrift store and get lucky, it's generally best to shell out a little more cash on a really solid pair of well made boots instead of just hunting for the best bargain around. You want boots that will make it all the way through the season and not fall apart after the very first snow!

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