11 Types of Fall Boots and How To Wear Them

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Despite the fact that Labor Day is behind us and Pumpkin Spice Lattes came early this year, the official first day of autumn isn't until September 23rd, which gives us a couple more weeks to consider the many ways we want to embrace fall to the fullest.

Like, for example, making sure that everything you eat taste like pumpkin, clearing space in your schedule for new seasons of your favorite television shows, and embracing all of the goodness that is fall fashion. From cool leather jackets to cozy blanket coats, fall has to be my favorite season when it comes to clothing. After a summer full of shorts and sundresses, swaddling myself in cozy knits is a welcome change of pace.

And because wool knits worn with flip flops simply don't make sense, let's talk about the fall footwear of choice: boots! Whether you prefer slouchy suedes, structured riding boots, or a pair that pulls up past you knees, there's a pair (or two) out there for everyone. Here are 11 popular styles with tips on how to wear each. So snuggle up with your PSL and peruse some seasonal style inspiration.

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