Kelsey & Baylee Soles Are The Next It Models

There’s a new pair of modeling sisters that should definitely be on your radar. Kelsey and Baylee Soles are twin sisters and also models, and they're making a huge splash in the industry these days. It’s no wonder because they’re wide-eyed, have a strong brow game and look exactly alike. Move over, Gigi and Bella Hadid!

Technically, the Soles ladies are fraternal, but they look identical, or “dizygotic,” as they describe it, if we’re getting technical here. No matter what terminology you use, there’s no denying that these sisters are equally gorgeous and destined to make it big in the fashion industry, especially with these bookings under their belt: campaigns for Lanvin and Calvin Klein, runway shows for Saint Laurent and Fendi. Not bad for beginners, right?

Not only are these sisters adorable, they’re also completely inseparable, as you can tell by scrolling through their social media accounts. They kill it with their style wherever they go, proving that they’ve got this whole off-duty model thing down pat already. Distressed jeans and t-shirts litter their profiles, so clearly, they know what’s up.

Take a look at the most stylish moments from the pair, and remember to keep an eye out for these two. I predict big things in their future because twinning has never been more in!

1. Matchy-Matchy

These ladies embrace their similarities, and look so good doing it.

2. Beachy Style

They know just what to wear for a stylish beach trip!

3. Far From Basic

Even in matching black and white ensembles, these sister still stand out.

4. Distressed Denim

This Soles sister knows how to dress for the weekend. Those jeans are everything.

5. Bandana Tied

I mean, the '70s are having a moment (and Xtina is always in so...).

6. Fresh Faces

They look crazy alike. And can we talk about those bangs? Too good.

7. Can Can

They fashionably can can better than anyone can.

8. Fashion Firsts

It doesn't get more fashionable than that.

9. Uptown Chic

I'm loving this layering she has going on.

Living the model life status and twinning so hard. Aren't they just the cutest?

Image: kelseysoles/instagram (1)