7 Times Kaia Gerber & Cindy Crawford Twinned Stylish-Wise In Addition To Looking Alike

It’s pretty apparent that Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber look alike, but it became even more obvious that these two were twinning when Crawford posted a pic of her daughter wearing her clothes with the caption “When your daughter steals your clothes…” I mean, can they stop rubbing it in, already? They're both gorgeous model types. We get it, we get it!

OK, who am I kidding? I could look at those two forever and not get tired of just how uncanny their resemblance is. Like mother, like daughter indeed. Naturally, this being a supermodel family, the teen didn't jack any old sweatshirt from her mom’s closet — it was one that said “Cindy Crawford” across the chest. Wait a minute — how meta is that?

This also isn’t the first time Gerber has copied her mom's look, and who could blame her? She's got style in her own right, but I mean, we’ve all wanted to channel our inner Crawford before haven’t we? Her own daughter just happens to do it better than the rest of us, which is only fair.

See the seven times that Gerber has channeled her mom’s style and been her doppelgänger, in life and in fashion.

1. Cindy Crawford Sweatshirt

*Rubs eyes* Cindy Crawford, is that you?

2. Car Photoshoot

Hmmm... wonder where I've seen this before.

Oh, that's where!

3. Wide Brimmed Hat

Like mother...

like daughter.

4. Cropped Sweater

Who wore it better?

It's a toss up.

5. Far From Basics

Jeans, tees and sunnies make for classic style that's anything but basic.

6. LBDs

Just a little photo shoot action.

Let's have a pose-off!

7. Laid-Back Bike Ride

These ladies even make bike riding look good!

Crawford and Gerber are quite the stylish pair.