This Slip-N-Slide Is Everything You've Ever Wanted

Pretty much anything can be improved by making it bigger — TVs, explosions, and floofy skirts are merely a few examples of things that are infinitely better once they get a dash of the American way. Judging from the success of Slide the City, the epic traveling pool party that hit up Omaha, Neb., on Aug. 1, this list also includes water slides. Specifically, 1,000-foot water slides made with adults in mind. Are you freaking out yet? I'm totally freaking out.

Nebraska's Slide the City sold out at 4,000 tickets, but more than 1,000 spectators were expected, Omaha Metro reports. Dare I say the event... made a splash? (#sorrynotsorry.) The slide is longer than three football fields put together (!!!), and according to KETV, it took up five city blocks. It's every child's ultimate summer fantasy: a water slide as far as the eye can see, with a little added danger if you accidentally pop your tube. Apparently mastering the slide takes a little strategy, which some participants didn't quite get the hang of at first.

"I thought it was really cool seeing everybody fail going down the slides," one slider told KETV, so I demand an "Epic Water Slide Fails" compilation. Internet, I'm trusting in you to provide.

Slide the City has been traveling from city to city for several years now, fulfilling the childhood dreams of adults everywhere. If it hasn't come to your town yet, why don't you vicariously enjoy the water slide through Instagram with me?

You can see if Slide the City will visit your city next by checking out its website.