Celebrate #CakeWithCashmerette In These 11 Items

Another day, another Instagram hashtag movement. The latest one, however, packs a punch, considering it's decorated with icing and sprinkles. #CakeWithCashmerette is an Instagram movement started by British sewing blogger Jenny Rushmore (aka Cashmerette) who publicly shared her plans to make a swimsuit only to be met with an Internet troll telling her to "eat less cake." Now, with over 300 participants taking to the #cakewithcashmerette hashtag, Rushmore is showing her fat shaming commenter just how fabulous it can be to be a curvy cake eater.

To join in and show the trolls where they can shove it, simply post a selfie whilst eating cake to Instagram with the hashtag #cakewithcashmerette. To celebrate this movement, you can also throw on any clothes or accessories decked out in cake prints to truly represent the #cakewithcashmerette movement.

Have you found yourself without any cake-y clothes, jewelry, or cute knickknacks to celebrate? Have no fear, because Etsy is here! With over 200,000 options to choose from, it could be pretty overwhelming to decide exactly which cake accessory is the best cake accessory to represent your own self love and body positivity. Luckily, I've made a shortlist of the best of the best of all things cake-related for you to sink your teeth into.

1. The Cake Slice Bag

Glitter Cake Slice Clutch Handbag, $112,

Although a bit on the expensive side, this handmade clutch has everything one could possibly need: Glitter, cake, and storage options! I love it.

2. The Sweetheart Crop

Cupcake Sweetheart Crop Top, $23,

Fight fatphobia twofold in this adorable crop top. You'll #rockthecrop whilst having #cakewithcashmerette.

3. The Pleated Skirt

Retro Pinup High Waisted Pleated Skirt, $37,

This handmade pleated skirt has a gorgeous retro look whilst utilizing all kinds of dessert, not just cake. Amen to that!

4. The '90s Key Chain

Rainbow Cake Charm Keychain, $18,

This cute keychain will add a certain kind of sweetness to your keys.

5. The Cupcake Boobies

Cupcakes White Crew Neck Crop Top, $25,

This crop top can also come as a T-shirt for the non-belly-barers among us, and is too cute to not get! Plus, it's available in sizes S to 4XL. #HeavenOnEarth.

6. The Best Dress

Vintage Retro Style Cake Pie Swing Dress, $98,

This retro style swing dress is the perfect look to represent your love of all things dessert.

7. The Pasties

Burlesque Purple Glitter Pasties with Cupcakes, $24,

For burlesque shows or personal pleasure, these pasties will make your nips look delicious.

8. The Tote Bag

Eat Cake Tote Bag, $8,

This subtler take on cake will promote cake-eating to everybody on the subway who stops to read your tote bag.

9. The Kitschy Ring

Afternoon Tea Cake and Biscuit Porcelain Plate Ring, $11,

This sweet accessory all the way from Brighton, U.K. celebrates cakes of all different kinds.

10. The Cutesy Knickers

Mint Mesh Panties with Pink Cupcake, $40,

These might be a bit harder to use when publicly declaring your support for #cakewithcashmerette, but they're fantastic nonetheless. They're available in standard S to XL as well as custom sizing, so babes of all shapes can rejoice.

11. The Statement Bodycon

Pink and White Cake Dress, $56,

This dress is just the perfect amount of all things Barbie. Available in sizes S to XL as well as custom sizing.

The only additional accessory you'll need is your actual cake. Bring on the red velvet!

Images: Courtesy Brands