Meghan King Edmonds' Brother Is a Famed Model

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds is the whole package: smart, gorgeous, pretty funny, and tough. And she's credited a lot of those qualities to her upbringing in St. Louis, which explains a lot — because Meghan Edmonds' brother, RJ King is also a celebrity. Whatever the "fame" gene is, it looks like the Kings have it, because they've successfully raised two super-famous kids. Unsurprisingly, Meghan's sisters Caitlin and Julie aren't slouches either. The other King siblings are successful athletes and have those model-esque King genes. But, RJ has become one of the few male supermodels out there, posing for huge campaigns for big designers, walking in New York Fashion Week, and building a massive social media following.

RJ and Meghan are close, but their rise to success had nothing to do with one another. While Meghan started as a model herself, through other interests she wound up as a saleswoman in multiple industries and then, eventually, a reality TV star. But RJ has made himself a success with a single-mindedness that you need in this age of the new supermodel. It seems like the Kings have a knack for falling into the perfect career path and then working hard to make themselves a success.

He Was "Discovered" In Obscurity In St. Louis

In an interview with Alive Mag from 2011, RJ describes how he became a model. "I was discovered while working at Splash in the St. Louis Galleria — by [...] Jill Manoff. She asked me if I was a model, and when I told her I wasn’t — she gave me her email and had me send her some digitals."

Then He Moved To NYC

While his older sister never took the plunge to New York, it was RJ's first move. And he's still living there — it seems like whenever Meghan visits, they really tear up the town.

He Found Success Pretty Quickly

To Alive Mag, RJ says it was fairly easy to make a living from modeling right away: "I moved here when a lot of guys were in Milan and Paris for shows, so it wasn’t too difficult to book jobs." I'm sure a lot of very handsome waiters are reading that and weeping right now, wishing they had Vogue covers of their own.

He's Had Success Modeling For Photo Campaigns

The dude can give face for the camera. I mean, those cheekbones? That jaw? My knowledge of modeling might be limited to the first 20 cycles of ANTM and reading Tom + Lorenzo, but he looks pretty phenomenal in those shots.

And He Walks The Runway

Just as frequently, RJ can be spotted on the runway at Fashion Week. He can walk?! Of course he can.

He's Pals With Anne Hathaway

Just one of the many celebrities to grace RJ's Instagram. And the Oscar-winningest.

He's Represented All Over The World

According to Models.com, RJ is repped by Wilhelmina New York when he's home, but lots of other agencies abroad. So he must book work in far flung locations like Paris, London, Stockholm... basically all of Europe. Yes, that is another Vogue cover — Vogue Italia.

He Was Also On Reality TV

RJ was featured on the very first episode of Catfish — well, his photos were. As the first person to ever have his photos used in an impostor’s social media profile on the MTV series, he made his own version of TV history..

His Dog Is Also A Celebrity

That dog is going to be a star! He already has his own Instagram, @TheRealBabyDog, so you can follow his meteoric rise.

And He Definitely Has His Sister's Personality

The King siblings both have the same sense of humor and willingness to embarrass themselves — and ability to look amazing while doing it. Meghan King Edmonds might not have the same career as her brother, RJ King, but they certainly prove they have the same genetics.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo