15 Cool Jacket Patches For The Most Kickass Coat Collage Ever

A jean jacket is pretty much the leather jacket’s cooler, more laid back cousin. Still rock and roll without being so in-your-face about it, the denim has a certain subtle chicness that holds its own, whether thrown over a slip of a sundress or paired with the most elegant of Canadian Tuxedos. While it’s versatility is a gift from the style gods when you’re in an outfit pinch, the goes-with-anything trait means everyone you know (and yes, their mom) has one in their closet. So how do you set yourself apart from other denim-donning dressers? There’s a patch for that. Think of your jean jacket as a blank billboard, ready to advertise everything from your love of cheesy pizza slices to your No. 1 summer clothing item (denim cutoffs, obviously). Ahead, 15 of the best patches to dress up that denim.

Go Ahead, Make a Mistake

You might be a huge fan of Kid Cudi’s ”Erase Me,” or maybe you just color outside the lines. Either way, apply that iron!

Erase You Patch, $10, shoptuesday

I See You

Let these wonderful winks do all the flirting for you.

Wink Set of 2 Embroidered Patches, $8, Etsy

Slice of Life

Take a stylish slice out of life with this cheesy-chic patch.

Pizza Iron On Patch, $4, Extreme Largeness

Look Like Death

In this case, looking like death is surprisingly stylin’.

Iron-On Sugar Skull Patch, $4, Etsy

All Good in the Hood

Everything is fine. Act normal.

This Is Fine Patch, $7, Etsy

Get Lucky

You’re bound to have a good time with this lucky dude attached to your outerwear!

Tiny Clover Patch, $2, Patch Nation

Spittin' Image

Whether you’re a champion watermelon seed spitter or just really like that pink fruit, this patch is calling your name.

Watermelon Patch, $10, Mokuyobi Threads

Creepy Cat Lady

If you’re looking to up the ante on your level of cat lady-ness, upgrade yourself to the three-eyed feline patch.

Pink Cat Patch, $8, Buried Diamond

Educate Yourself

Did you really love those educational videos about internet safety (and other good stuff) while growing up? Then sport this patch, while perusing the famed PSA site.

The More You Know Patch, $21, Clashist

You Sure Did

Feel like a winner every time you wear this badge of honor.

I Did My Best Patch, $5, These Are Things

Clean Plate Club

Killer Shade

It’s practically a crime to look this good.

Lipstick Knife Patch, $5, Tallulah Lost

Jovial in Jorts

Pick up good vibrations all day long with a denim shorts patch for your jacket.

Summer Vibes Patch, $5, Ello There Co.

It's Official

Partner up with FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in tracking down Laura Palmer.

Twin Peaks Patch, $10, Jenni’s Prints

Broad City Babe

Relive the glory of your favorite Broad City episode by ironing this bad boy onto your denim jacket. If it leads you to your nearest Whole Foods, prepare for things to get weird.

Broad City Abbi’s Bingo Bronson Plushie Guy Patch, $12, 8BitSpock