15 Cool Jacket Patches For The Most Kickass Coat Collage Ever

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A jean jacket is pretty much the leather jacket’s cooler, more laid back cousin. Still rock and roll without being so in-your-face about it, the denim has a certain subtle chicness that holds its own, whether thrown over a slip of a sundress or paired with the most elegant of Canadian Tuxedos. While it’s versatility is a gift from the style gods when you’re in an outfit pinch, the goes-with-anything trait means everyone you know (and yes, their mom) has one in their closet. So how do you set yourself apart from other denim-donning dressers? There’s a patch for that. Think of your jean jacket as a blank billboard, ready to advertise everything from your love of cheesy pizza slices to your No. 1 summer clothing item (denim cutoffs, obviously). Ahead, 15 of the best patches to dress up that denim.

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