Rapunzel Joins 'Once Upon A Time,' What Disney Fairy Tale Characters Are Left?

On Wednesday, the next princess to join ABC's Once Upon A Time was revealed to be Rapunzel. Alexandra Metz of The CW's The Originals was cast in the role, which we're really excited about, but we're also starting to worry that she may be one of the last additions.

The fairy tale series has already featured so many of the beloved characters from our childhood: Snow White, Cinderella, Jiminy Cricket, Belle, Captain Hook, Little Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell, the list goes on and on. Some characters even pull double duty, like Rumplestiltskin also being Belle's beast.

The series is midway through its third season and the longer it lasts, the more characters it needs. Here are some of the Disney characters that Once Upon A Time hasn't used yet, but will probably need to if they keep burning through stories so quickly.

Image: The CW

Mowgli, 'The Jungle Book'

There's a forest outside of Storybrooke, and plenty of woods in the various magical realm, why couldn't Mowgli be in one, being raised by animals? OUAT would just have to get to him before Warner Brothers does for their upcoming live-action adaptation of the original Rudyard Kipling novel.

Tiana, 'The Princess and the Frog'

Tiana is one of the newer princesses to join Disney's ranks, but somehow has yet to be featured on the show. Storybrooke may be far from New Orleans, but The Princess and the Frog has a whole cast of characters that could fuel a few episodes themselves.

The Other 100 Dalmatians

Dr. Hopper, aka Jiminy Cricket, has a dalmatian named Pongo. He says it all the time, and once, Pongo even helped solve a crime. The writers really want us to know that this dog is Pongo, so where are the rest of the dalmatians? It would be the cutest episode of any TV show ever.

Aladdin and Jasmine

In Season 1, Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito played a genie from Agrabah, so you have to figure he's Aladdin's genie. But here we are in Season 3 and still no Aladdin or Jasmine. Meanwhile the OUAT spin-off, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, includes Jafar and a genie. Looks like the shows' writers need to decide which one gets the rest of Aladdin's characters.

Merida, 'Brave'

The first Pixar princess would get along great with OUAT's Snow White. Both are willing to fight for what they want and know how to handle a bow and arrow. The hardest part would be casting someone with hair as impressively think and bright as the animated version.

Esmeralda, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Overall, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a really upsetting story and would probably be hard to work into OUAT's existing plots. But on her own, Esmeralda is an awesomely badass gypsy who could easily help out the existing characters. Sorry Captain Swan shippers, but I could definitely see something happening between her and Hook.


So many storylines have centered on people being trapped, hiding or wandering in various forests, enchanted or otherwise, that it's hard to believe we haven't met Pocahontas yet. Maybe there is a fairy tale realm of 17th century America that the writers are waiting to show us.

Mary Poppins

Between the Broadway show and upcoming Saving Mr. Banks, Mary Poppins is pretty trendy right now. Why not bring her onto OUAT, where she can keep an eye on Henry so the adults aren't constantly forced to save him?

Merlin, 'The Sword in the Stone'

There's already enough royalty on the show, but the original wizard Merlin would be a great addition. He's been mentioned before, as a vague sort of all-powerful figure, and it would be pretty exciting to watch him magically battle Rumplestiltskin or Regina.


If OUAT lasts for more than four seasons, they're going to be desperate enough to truly consider adding a robot-filled land. Think of this little guy as the show's last resort. As cute as he is, once he shows up you know every Disney-owned property has been mined for all they're worth.

Images: Disney