It's Time To Get Excited For Victorian 'Sherlock'

The long Sherlock drought is not going to end anytime soon, but just because Season 4 is still a long time coming doesn't mean there's no new Sherlock to get excited over. After all, there is a certain Victorian Sherlock special coming soon and it looks brilliant. Entertainment Weekly reports Sherlock creator Steven Moffat dropped some tantalizing hints about the Victorian special at the Television Critics Association press tour and trust me, the new details will have you wishing it was Christmas already. Or Christmas-ish, at least, because the BBC still hasn't offered up a proper release date.

It's not just the time period that is changing for Sherlock and John. The mystery-solving BFFs will have a change of attitude to go along with their new surroundings. Moffat seems committed to making this one-off a proper Victorian affair. Even better news, no one needs to strain their brains to figure out why Sherlock and John are in a new era. Moffat explained that there will be no explanation, just like there was no explanation as to why the guys were suddenly dropped into modern times. In other words, there is no need to be on red alert. This is going to a fun little adventure perfect for holding fans over until Season 4. Now, allow me to explain why you should be thoroughly psyched for the special.

1. John And Sherlock Are Going To Have A Spooky Case On Their Hands

While there won't be real ghosts, Moffat did reveal to EW that the Victorian setting gave him an excuse to go spookier than normal. Personally, I am freaking out over this revelation because I love Victorian ghost stories even when the ghosts turn out not to be real. The special sounds like it's going to be atmospheric and perfect to watch on a cold, winter night with all the lights off. Hey, you'll Benedict Cumberbatch and hot chocolate to keep you company. What more do you need?

2. John And Sherlock Won't Be Exactly Themselves

I know John and Sherlock being not quite their usual selves doesn't sound like a plus, but they are going to be closer to their Victorian personas. That means Sherlock will be — get this — polite. Well, as polite as he can manage, and sweet John will take his usual cautiousness up a few notches. Moffat told EW that John will be "more uptight," which I am actually totally fine with because huffy Martin Freeman is the best.

3. Mrs. Hudson Is Somehow Even Cooler In Ye Old Days

If you've seen the trailer then you know Mrs. Hudson's moxie is staying firmly intact. In fact, she might be even cooler in the Victorian era as she scolds John about making her out to be a silent housekeeper in his stories. Mrs. Hudson is cool in every era, it seems.

4. The Clothes Look Amazing

I am sorry, but the costumes are flawless. Any chance I get to see Cumberbatch and Freeman in period clothes, I plan on cherishing. As an added bonus, the female cast members' dresses will no doubt be stunning. I don't even have to see them to know I'll be experiencing dress envy.

5. It's Making Fan Fiction Dreams Come True

OK, it's not making all fan fiction dreams come true (I still want make-outs, Moffat!), but it is taking beloved characters and dropping them into a new setting outside of canon. Like fan fiction, it's going to be an exercise in imagination that takes the characters to places they wouldn't normally get to go. TV rarely ever lets its characters have that kind of fun, so the special is definitely a treat.

6. The Meta Will Be Delicious

In one clip, the teaser proves the Victorian Sherlock will be super meta, but not in the way you would expect. John's complaining about his illustrator, there's sly commentary on Mrs. Hudson's function within the narrative, and discussions about the actual Arthur Conan Doyle stories. All of this means old school Sherlock junkies who love the original stories are going to be served a full course meal of winking commentary. Anytime Moffat takes the characters back to their roots, my inner Sherlock nerd starts hyperventilating.

7. There Will Be A Victorian Molly

I have no idea what role Molly will play in the Victorian special, but she will be there and it will be fabulous. Think about it, Molly has always felt like she's slightly out of time. She's brilliant and pines for the Byronic hero that is Sherlock. This is her time to shine — plus, anytime Molly is around, it's time to get excited.

Hopefully you are sufficiently psyched for the Sherlock special now. If not, then revisit the teaser and allow the anticipation to make you giddy all over again.

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