11 Songs Perfect For Your College Dorm

Ah, college years. This stage of life is a time of great change and opportunity. While your experience in college is sure to be marked with memories and friendships that can last a lifetime, transitioning to a new phase in your life can also be daunting. It's completely normal to become prone to bouts of homesickness, anxiety, and to treat your living space with a critical eye while at college. Dorm rooms aren't necessarily known for their opulence, and those twin beds can feel decidedly cramped. When you're enclosed in your dorm for study sessions, Netflix binging, and the like, it's imperative that you arm yourself with some sweet tunes.

As one who finished her college experience years ago, I have compiled a list of songs that can fit some of the staple moods and situations that arise while hanging out in your dorm. Whether your eyes are aching from poring over a textbook, your roommate has begun to grate you, or you become swept up in daydreaming over a new crush, there is a song for that. Without further adieu, let's take a look at 11 songs to listen to in your dorm. Don't forget to sport headphones if your roomie is trying to nap, though!

1. Bruno Mars, "The Lazy Song"

Obviously, you need to work hard and study while at college. We all need a respite, though, to recharge the batteries. Don your favorite pair of sweatpants and mellow out to this jam.

2. Christina Aguilera, "Fighter"

You have 12 hours before your next exam and you don't feel prepared at all! Cue up "Fighter" and remind yourself that you can fight through the next several hours of studying in order to garner a B+ at the least.

3. Drake, "The Motto"

You're likely going to hear the phrase "YOLO" a lot during your time in college, so you might as well listen to the addictive track that basically spurred the saying.

4. Lionel Richie, "All Night Long"

This is guaranteed to make those study sessions that turn into all-nighters seem much more whimsical.

5. Asher Roth, "I Love College"

Feeling homesick? Remember that college can be the best time of your life with this little track. Also, I know Roth loves his beers, but remember to abstain from illegal drinking, kids. You will be turning 21 eventually — I promise.

6. Eve 6, "Here's To The Night"

This was a staple song for high school graduations after its release. Enjoy this ballad when engaging in a reverie about all your friends from back home.

7. Blink-182, "What's My Age Again?"

College is sort of like the limbo period between teenage years and full-blown adulthood. While toggling between what is considered to be an appropriate level of maturity, get nostalgic with this track from 1999.

8. The Rembrandts, "I'll Be There For You"

This song is so versatile! You can use it to psyche yourself up before giving your jilted roomie a pep talk on modern romance, precede your next Netflix marathoning session of Friends with this, or simply reenergize after a particularly brutal exam.

9. Carly Rae Jepsen, "I Really Like You"

Most of us are bound to have at least a few crushes during college — even on the smallest of campuses. Lie back in your twin bed and daydream about the object of your affection with this track. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that you two get paired up together for that next English Lit assignment.

10. Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway"

College can be scary, and time spent in your dorm room can often lead to some introspection of what path your life is going to take. Remember that times of stress-inducing change are also opportunities for growth and new experiences by listening to this smash hit from Kelly Clarkson.

11. Maroon 5, "Harder To Breathe"

This is for the times it really dawns on you how cramped your living quarters are, how annoying that tower of Mountain Dew cans your roommate made has become, and to drown out the urge to place passive-aggressive post-it notes throughout your dorm.

Congratulations! You are now fully equipped for a musical dorm experience. Don't forget to step outside (I hear lots of people like to hang out at the quad), and treasure those magical moments that come with being a college student.

Image: VEVO