A Definitive Ranking of 7 Near-Perfect Pig Films

Most people are of common knowledge that pigs are my favorite animal after unicorns. True story. It's why I'm so hog wild over Babe, which turns 20 years old this month, and his inspiring tale about how to not get eaten. However, you may be surprised to find out that Babe is only one of the many films that has a pink little porker at the helm... and no pig film is create equal.

"Ok, you're crazy Mary Grace, dog films are one thing, maybe even cat films, but 'pig films' aren't a viable genre," you may be saying. WRONG, SIMPLETON. Pigs are intelligent, adorable, and constantly escaping the icy grip of death. Filmmakers love to make movies about them and what special snowflakes they are. We all read Charlotte's Web in elementary school, dude, there's a viable market here. My only regret is that EVERY film isn't a pig film, but what can you do...

In any case, due to my obsessive love of piggies, I skimmed through the vast catalog of the best pig movies, and came up with a quick hierarchy of swine friendly films. Make sure to scroll down below to find out which one is the pig supreme.

7. My Brother The Pig

This is kind of kitschy, even for a pig film, but big props for reminding us that even Scarlett Johansson had an awkward phase.

6. Animal Farm

In some ways this movie is kind of unintentionally hilarious, because what's funnier than watching George Orwell's allegory for the rise of Communism played by animatronic animals? Especially ones voiced by Kelsey Grammer? But aside from that novelty, this falls a bit flat for the average cinema lover who doesn't want to be transported to tenth grade English class.

5. Gordy

Gordy isn't a bad movie by any means, but the problem is in the framing of the time. It came out the same year as Babe, there's nothing you can get out of Gordy that you wouldn't already get from Babe, and overall, there's a reason we're celebrating Babe 20 years later and not Gordy.

4. Charlotte's Web

This wasn't the version that most of us would remember from second grade, and thank god. Although the story is a classic, let's take a moment to recognize that Charlotte is the actual talent throughout this whole tale, and she looks nothing short of terrifying here.

3. Babe: Pig In The City

This sequel is nowhere as good as the original, let's be honest. HOWEVER, it has it's moments, and it combines two of my most favorite things: pigs and cities.

2. Porco Rosso

Alright, technically this about a pig-faced man and this one just might be a personal favorite. Definitely an acquired taste if you're not into anime... or whimsy... or fun... Actually, you know what, it's a Hayao Miyazaki film about a pig that can fly, I shouldn't need to sell this to you.

1. Babe

Ultimately, there's no comparison. From the little mice that introduce each chapter, to the moment when Babe asks if he can call Fly "mom" (give me a second, something's in my eye), Babe is just a well done with a pig who really captures your heart. So yeah, I'm really psyched they don't eat him in the end.

Image: Universal Pictures (1)