Jared Padalecki & Stephen Amell Go Shirtless For Charity, Not That They Needed A Reason — PHOTOS

Prepare to fall in love with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki and Arrow's Stephen Amell even more, if that's even possible. The CW guys posted shirtless pictures on their Facebook feeds not to show off their rock hard abs (that's just an added bonus), but to support a good cause. Padalecki and Amell went shirtless for the Keep Fighting charity Padalecki and his co-star Jensen Ackles set up to promote mental health awareness. The guys are selling special shirts online to raise money for the cause, and you can snag Padalecki's shirt here for a limited time.

Padalecki has been very open about his own struggles with mental illness this past year, and his friends, family, and fans have come out in full force to support his Keep Fighting movement. At this summer's Comic-Con, Supernatural fans surprised Padalecki by lighting candles in honor of his struggle and his passion for helping others battling depression and other mental illnesses. It was one of the best moments of Comic-Con 2015, and a testament to what an inspiration Padalecki and Supernatural are to fans.

Now that you know why Padalecki and his pal Amell stripped down, take a look at the gorgeous pictures. These guys get goofy and somehow, still remain sexy. It will definitely make you want to buy a shirt, just not for either one of them.

OK, is anyone else jonesing for an Arrow/Supernatural crossover now? The Winchesters are basically superheroes as it is and Oliver Queen is just super skilled with in archery. I feel like The CW could make this happen. Obviously, the casts are already pretty chummy, and it can't be that hard to mix demons with supervillains. The Winchesters should drive the Impala over to Starling City... and then take off their shirts. Just sayin'.

Even if The CW refuses to give fans the crossover they deserve, it is good to know these guys have each other's backs. The Keep Fighting campaign is a worthy cause and it is bringing together stars and fans. Thank goodness the guys are such good sports. They're willing to bare all to get the word out, proving they're talented actors and total sweethearts whose heroism isn't limited to just the small screen.