What Are The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Rules For Sisters Ashley & Lauren? They Deserve Equal Shots At Love

If you're just getting over the cheesy introduction of Ashley I.'s sister, Lauren, on Bachelor in Paradise , then you are probably just remembering that these two sisters will be going through paradise together. The twist, which is similar to a two-for-the-price-of-one deal, not only seems weird, but it also worries me that each sister won't get the fair chance at love that they signed up . The two sisters are different, within moments of the new episode we learned that very quickly, but no matter what each feels comfortable doing with the men on the show, they should both be given the same opportunities to move forward in the competition.

The quick recap of how the twist works is as follows: If one of the sisters receives a rose, the other will move forward through paradise as well. So as long as one sister gets a rose, the other will move forward. But, shouldn't each girl get a chance at love and not have to ride her sister's coattails? If one sister is progressing more than the other, the other sister is going to be just there? Hanging around in the shadows? Each sister deserves her own shot at the show. Actually, Ashley I. deserves a shot at staying on the show. Lauren doesn't "deserve" anything since she's not an OG Bachelor Nation Alum, but whatever. I digress.

Because both sisters are completely different people, they might attract different types of attention from the men on the show. Ashley's sister was not shy to share that she is "not the virgin" sister compared to her sister. No matter how physical relationships get with the men on the season — whether one decides to sleep with multiple men or no men — that shouldn't affect the other sister's time on the show.

Both sisters should have the same type of respect or attention from those that will be handing out roses. We'll see how this pans out!

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC