The Ashley & Lauren Sister Twist On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Works Like 2 For The Price Of 1

I don't know what it is about summer reality shows, but they really like sister twists. On Sunday's Bachelor in Paradise Chris Harrison introduced Ashley I. and her sister Lauren and let everyone know they would be competing — as one. It's not unlike the Big Brother Twin Twist. Basically, as long as one gets a rose at the ceremony, her sister is safe. So, Ashley's playing for two, y'all. Which is great for her because she and her sister are super close. "I talked about her the entire season and everyone's like, 'I need to meet your sister' so, I brought her with me," Ashley told Chris Harrison at the top of the show.

Needless to say, the rest of the contestants had a lot of opinions on Lauren's arrival. "She's never been on any of The Bachelor seasons. I don't know why she's here," Jade said. A lot of the ladies were concerned about whether it was fair, but the guys didn't seem to mind. "Who cares if it's fair or not, look at her," Jonathan said.

Although Lauren may have split the house, for now she's here to stay as long as Ashley does, and vice versa. Fortunately Ashley has a pretty awesome personality, so I'm sure she will keep her sister around for a long time. And, hey, Lauren's pretty cool on her own and can likely save her sister also.

I don't doubt they'll stick around for awhile. And, that means we get twice the Kardashian lashes and crying faces, so I'm totally in. This is going to be an exciting season!