Will 'Odd Mom Out' Return For Season 2? This Hilarious Show Isn't Even Halfway Done With NYC Life

Now, I’m not a mother, but living in New York City, I have to give Jill Kargman major props for her portrayal of the Upper East Side mom on Odd Mom Out. The blowouts, the charity lunches — that’s all real for some residents, as well as the crazy race to get your 3-year-old into a college. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and this satirical show has had me cackling all summer long (and also worrying about what I will be like when I eventually have kids). Now that the Season 1 finale is here, will Odd Mom Out return for Season 2?

The Bravo comedy is based on Kargman’s life as an Upper East Side mom. In a land of wealth, Jill’s character (also named Jill) is wealthy, but not to the degree of many of her friends. She, her husband, and her three adorable if not rambunctious children are navigating a world of so-called ugly babies, weird made-up charities,and competitive preschools. It doesn’t help that Jill’s sister-in-law, Brooke, is the queen of the “Yummy Mummies” on the UES. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Bravo haven’t yet decided if there will be a Season 2 (there should be), but I’ve decided to help them out. The show has gone through plenty a hilarious situation so far, but I’ve drafted a few great, if I may say so myself, ideas that would be ready for Season 2

Jill Gets Chosen To Arrange An “Educational” Field Trip For The Kids

The very elite schools that UES children attend are always going that extra mile. Because Jill is always late and never volunteers, her daughter’s teacher could choose her to arrange and chaperone a cultural, meaningful field trip for 30 7-year-olds. What does Jill choose? A tour of all the cool places in New York that are no more, like CBGB’s, the original Gray’s Papaya hot dog stand, and the former graffiti mecca 5 Pointz. It’s Jill’s version of history. Needless to say, the other moms aren’t thrilled their children went south of 34th Street.

Andy Brings Bagels To Brazil & Gets Promoted Again

Jill’s husband, Andy, just started working for his brother’s company, Hercules. Hercules is worth a ton of money because they brought bagels (or a bagel company) to China. Well, Andy can play at that game, too, except it was an accident. Andy will meet a Brazilian entrepreneur at the gym, and, thinking he has a new squash partner, will give him his card. This Brazilian will know that Hercules brought bagels to China and wants to bring the brand to Brazil, securing Andy a deal he didn’t even know he closed.

Vanessa Rescues A Man On A Street & Hates All The “Hero” Fame

Jill’s bestie, Vanessa, is a single ER doctor, and since she’s not of the “Yummy Mummy” crowd, serves as Jill’s down-to-Earth touchstone. When a man collapses on the street, Vanessa diagnoses and performs CPR until emergency responders can get there. Having done her job, she goes to leave, and a TV crew sweeps her up and calls her a hero. A true cynic, Vanessa hates all the attention and grandstanding, but when cameras and reporters follow her around for a week, she has to learn to deal with it (with gut-busting repercussions).

While we’re waiting for Odd Mom Out to get picked up for Season 2 (fingers crossed), catch up on Season 1 on Bravo's website. It’s totally hilarious and a worthy way to spend an afternoon or two.

Images: Nicole Rivelli/Bravo; Giphy (3)