Demi Lovato Covers 'Cosmopolitan' In Metallic Mini, Has Moved On From Rocker Chick Chic — PHOTOS

September issues are the biggest when it comes to the publishing calendar of fashion and women's interest magazines. That's when the highly anticipated fall style and beauty looks are laid out. My girl Demi Lovato is the cover girl for Cosmopolitan 's September 2015 issue and it's quite a deserved honor for the singer and actress. The cover was just released online and I can totally understand why Lovatics don't want to hold back in responding and sharing it all over social media. The "Cool for the Summer" singer looks super sexy in a sparkly, silver metallic mini dress with a deep V-neck.

The cover is striking not only because Lovato is posed slightly to the side and looks 100 percent amazing, but it also truly represents Lovato and her latest image makeover. For the past few years, she has always worn outfits that emphasized her rocker chick chic taste. That meant lots of black, leather, studs, patent stiletto pumps, and a variety of boots. The look worked for her, as she paired it with hair hues that emulated the many colors of the rainbow, which is how she broke up her monochromatic fashions. Lovato also played with '90s grunge looks, too.

But after she chopped her locks, the singer/actress began to get sexier and slinkier with her outfits — and that seems to work for her just as well.

This silver mini on the Cosmo cover is emblematic of her style shift. It's less rocker and a lot more classic. The actress, who has a new album in the works, is still a heavy metal queen, at least with her dress! She has truly swapped glam rock for glamorous, especially during her promo cycle for "Cool For The Summer," her new single from her upcoming album.

Past looks from Demi (like the one below) included lots of leather, blue hair, and studs.

Long (Blue) Hair, Don't Care

Larry Marano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blue hair, graphic T-shirts, chain jewelry, and dark plaid accessories were staples for the "Skyscraper" singer in the past.

Dark And Stormy School Girl

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plaid and leather never looked so good.

Your High Thighness

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Note the thigh-high boots that made an appearance with this all-back outfit.

More Leather, Fewer Problems

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi stayed consistent for years with her monochromatic ensembles, opting for leather whenever possible.

All Black, Always

Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even when she went classic blonde for a new hair color, Lovato stayed consistent with her all-black ensemble.

And Studded To Boot

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She even added studs to her walking boot when she injured herself, a sign of a true rocker chic if there ever was one, right?

However, Lovato's new look on Cosmo cover is not her first (or probably last) Cosmo cover. Although her day-to-day style has clearly evolved over the years from all-black ensembles to slinkier, sexier looks, her Cosmo covers have always featured her in a variety of styles and outfits.

August 2013

She showed her curves in a clingy, summery dress.

July 2012

Again, a bright, body-hugging dress seems to be Lovato's go-to for Cosmo covers.

Summer 2014

She went the sultry route for Cosmo Latinas.

November 2013

She was a golden girl, with her hair, skin, and brocade blazer, for a Finnish edition.

Spring 2013

Lovato also filled out a sexy, strappy mini for Cosmo on Campus in Spring 2013.

Clearly, Cosmo loves it some Demi Lovato, and it's totally obvious why. She is completely stunning and, more importantly, has committed her time and energy to causes like promoting body confidence and mental health awareness. Lovato is clearly an amazing role model, and can always be counted on to switch up her style game for a fun, memorable cover.

Images: Cosmopolitan (5); Getty (6)