Demi Lovato's Instagram Guide For Going '90s Grunge, From Flannel To Dresses-With-Boots

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Demi Lovato is a '90s kid… literally. The singer and actress, born in 1992, is a child of the era, defined by grunge music and more flannel, baggy jeans, and dresses with chunky boots than you can imagine. The '90s are totally back right now, from the, uh, resurgence of Surge soda to the cultural renaissance of shows like Friends to all the plaid that's oh-so-trendy this fall. Lovato is on tour and while she is known for her rocker chick style, featuring lots of black, glossy leather, studs, and heels, she has been borrowing from a decidedly '90s era influence as of late.

If you want to resurrect the edgiest part of the '90s, at least in your wardrobe, you can follow the grunge guide that is Demi Lovato's Instagram account. Click through for some of her best tips.

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