Christian Bale's Transformation for 'American Hustle' & 9 Other Times He's Morphed For a Role

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It's no surprise that Christian Bale fully committed to his role for David O'Russell's American Hustle , out later this month, because the Oscar-winning actor has done it so many times before. Bale sports an epic beer belly and a serious comb over that would make Donald Trump jealous in the film based on the FBI's late '70s ABSCAM operation. And Amy Adam, who plays Bale's mistress and partner in crime in the film loved it.

The actress told E! at the film's L.A. premiere that she thought Bale's physical changes for the role were awesome. "He's so committed and still so amazingly sexy with the belly and all. Comb-over, belly—who cares? He's hot," she said about her costar and even though we haven't seen American Hustle and the character in all of his glory, we may have to agree.

Take a look and marvel at how Bale's transformed his look for characters in the past.

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