Man Surfs On A Motorcycle In The Middle Of The Freaking Ocean, So Take That, Science — VIDEO

If you're someone who loves roller coasters, surfing, aerial skiing or other ~thrills~, you need to see this man surfing a wave on a motorcycle. The surfer/motorcyclist is Robbie "Maddo" Maddison, whose "Pipe Dream" is to give the world a chance to "witness history being made as [he] rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti," according to the YouTube description by DC Shoes, who sponsored this gravity defying nonsense. Maddo has been trying to make this happen for the last two years, and finally achieved his goal. The challenge took place in the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia, near Tahiti. (He probably got a once in a lifetime vacation out of the experience too, just in case your FOMO wasn't already real enough.)

Maddo certainly picked a unique way to explore Tahiti. Oh, and he very casually made a motorcycle float on water. This is as close as we're coming to a modern day reenactment of Jesus walking on water. And there is something holy about it, if you ask me. (Holy in a HOLY SH*%^$#* kind of way, that is.) Maddo's been working so long on this that he totally deserves to be allowed to keep his technique a secret, but I would really love to know how that worked in terms of ~science~.

Here he is catching the Teahupoo and Papara waves:

There he goes, casually gliding on water:

And here he is ~riding the wave~:

Watch the full video here and prepare to be mEsMeRiZed:

I probably won't be joining Maddo anytime soon, but I'll definitely be watching this video several more times.

Images: YouTube(4)