9 Things To Wear On Your First Day Of High School

Summer is coming to an end, which means back to school sales are popping up left and right. Of course, this means most students are probably trying to figure out the "what to wear on your first day of high school" question. I mean, first impressions are highly important. Therefore, your first day of school outfit has to be flawless.

I know I was not the only high schooler who had my first day of school look laid out the night before to ensure I looked my best. I knew going in that my first day of high school could potentially set my reputation within those halls for the four years to come. I wore a red top with bootcut denim jeans, adorable white Converse, and a Louis Vuitton backpack. Mind you, I went to high school in Chicago so my school was basically a fashion show every day since it was a big city. Senior year, I was voted Best Dressed and I swear I owe that to my first day of school attire from freshman year and beyond.

Whether you're entering your freshman or senior year, first day of school outfits are one of the most important looks of your academic career. Luckily, there are countless options to choose from, including cool sneakers to bold tops.

Here are nine items to wear on your first day of high school that will make you look like the coolest teenager in the hallways.

1. Varsity Jacket

Adidas Originals Snake Print Trefoil Logo Varsity Jacket, $126, Asos

You don't need to be a cheerleader, a track star, or on any sports aficionado for that matter to rock a varsity jacket. This snake print one will certainly have people envious of your closet as you strut the hallways on the first day. Plus, you can tie the jacket around your waist when you get hot for a cool, vintage look.

2. Denim Midi Skirt

Denim Midi Tube Skirt, $26, Simply be

In my experience, the first day of school seems to be when many students break out their classic denim jeans. Switch things up a bit by donning a denim midi skirt instead. Denim skirts are super trendy right now and this one is a flashback to the '90s. Plus, the skirt is mid-length so no chance of breaking your high school's strict dress code.

3. All White Sneakers

Nike Roshe 1, $70, Foot Locker

A fresh pair of all white sneakers is always the best. Since many people will be donning white high tops on their first day, opt for these Nike Roshe's instead to stand out from the other high schoolers. These sneakers are some of the coolest Nike's to date, if you ask me. Plus, they will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. Your feet will thank you and you'll definitely receive tons of compliments along the way.

4. Simple Skater Dress

Junarose Skater Dress, $63, Asos

Skater dresses are arguably the comfiest dresses you can wear, which is why they are on my back to school attire list. This beautiful blue number is quite adorable with its three-quarter sleeves that'll keep your arms warm when your classroom is blasting the air conditioning. The flare detailing on the skirt of the dress will also make your hips look luscious, which IMO is always great.

5. Cut-Out Ankle Boots

ASOS Apollo Leather Cut Out Ankle Boots, $36, Asos

Ankle boots are some of the edgiest footwear you can sport. The cut out of these boots will keep your feet sweat-free on the first day of school while still helping you remain trendy.

6. Faux Leather Backpack

Neiman Marcus Faux Leather Backpack, 45, Last Call

Backpacks are an essential accessory for every high schooler, but they can make or break your look. A faux leather backpack like this one, however, will have everyone wanting to know all the details of your chic life.

7. Peasant Tops

Pinstriped Peasant Tunic, $128, Anthropologie

Peasant tops are back in vogue and I am pretty excited about it. This kind of top is great for the first day of school because of its lightweight material, which makes it easy to layer. Can we also discuss how stunning the lace detailing is?

8. Maxi Tunic

ASOS Curve Maxi Tunic, $45, Asos

Strut your high school hallways like they're a runway with this maxi tunic. These tops are very flowy and ideal for the summer to fall transition. You will look like a gorgeous fashionista on the first day of school by wearing this top, I promise.

9. Boyfriend Jeans

Low Rise Destructed Boyfriend Jeans, $21, Target

OK, who wants to wear constricting, tight jeans on the first day of school? I know I wouldn't. There is a denim option that will have you looking fabulous while remaining comfortable, though. All hail the boyfriend jean. These jeans often come in a relaxed fit, but opt for a pair with distressed detailing to make them extra edgy.

With this sartorial arsenal at your disposal, all those first day of high school worries are sure to slip away.

Images: Universal Pictures; Courtesy Brands