Karlie Kloss' Best Magazine Covers Ever, Because Is There Anything This Girl Isn't Good At?

At only 23, the fabulous Karlie Kloss has been featured on countless magazine covers, walked the runway for high-end labels across the board (including Dior and Marc Jacobs), served as one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels, and has made a significant effort to help make the world a better place. I understand saving the world while simultaneously looking fantastic in the process is quite the day job, but it doesn't seem to be slowing Kloss down in the least. If she isn't dedicating time to one of her charity causes, she's learning how to code or hanging out with BFF Taylor Swift.

IMHO, I’m pretty much convinced that if there were anyone born relatively close to perfection, it’s Karlie Kloss — and that has nothing to do with her looks. Seriously, is there anything this girl can’t do? Not only does she live selflessly, giving back to the world by raising $58K for AIDS research and collaborating with Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi to create Karlie’s Kookies in which proceeds go towards FEED, she also plays by her own rules. It takes a very special person to make it on top in the realm of wings and lingerie, and make the decision to retire early and get an education. Now that is what I call a role model.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a huge fan and admirer of the Kloss' work, allow me to pay a tribute to the super (role) model, and highlight my favorite of the supermodels glossy covers — the covers that I believe truly show her true colors, because she is so much more than a pretty photograph. This young woman is a beautiful soul.

1. Allure Korea April 2011

I love this cover of Kloss because despite the fact that she looks incredibly sexy topless underneath the open bronze pants suit, there is also a playfulness in her smile and bright green hat.

2. Harper's Bazaar Australia September 2011

This cover photo for Harper's Bazaar Australia just screams "Glam!" fuchsia is definitely Kloss' color.

3. Vogue Germany December 2011

If you follow Kloss on Instagram, oftentimes you'll see a very laid back, sometimes sporty side to the supermodel, but once the lens is in focus, this girl is all lights, camera, action. She looks so fierce with her red and black makeup, you almost forget she's only 23 years young.

4. Harper's Bazaar Russia September 2012

Kloss definitely does not have to be dolled up to look adorable. I thoroughly enjoy seeing models photographed with minimal makeup and done-but-messy hair. Princess Leia braided buns look so much better with a few flying strands, don't you agree?

5. Vogue UK September 2012

If ever there were a super model who could possibly embody America's iconic doll, it's Karlie Kloss. Retro Barbie comes to mind in this particular instance — gold metallic pants and all.

6. Vogue Spain February 2013

Kloss gave a new definition to lady in red for Vogue Spain in February of 2013. Red dress, red nails, and a statement ring to pull it all together.

7. Porter Summer 2015

Only Karlie Kloss could possibly make holding a puppy look sexy.

Images: Getty Images; Vogue Germany; Vogue UK; Vogue Spain; Porter; Allure Korea; Harper's Bazaar Australia; Harper's Bazaar Russia