10 Best Emoji Combos To Describe Sex

I LOVE EMOJIS. Yes, I may not be young or hip but emojis are for everyone. What's your favorite? Mine include the dancing lady, the santa and, the king of all emojis, the poop. Even my mom has embraced the love heart eyes and surprised face, although sometimes I'm not sure what she's trying to communicate to me other than that she's really happy she discovered how to use emojis. I want to say that I only use them for silly things, but I actually have sent a string of emojis to break ice after an awkward conversation with a friend, to describe away too many bodily functions and, or course, for sex. But where's the sex emoji?

While there may not be a designated sex emoji — there are plenty of ways to get creative. A favorite trick of an old "fun buddy" and mine was to send a list of incoherent emojis and then try to design a sex position after it. It normally ended in tears and scraped knees. But so many of the emojis are surprisingly phallic (maybe on purpose) it's pretty much impossible not to engage in some emoji related sex description. We've sorted you our for pretty much every sexual interaction you can have. Or at least that I've had. Here are 10 of my favorite emojis to describe sex, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an emoji is worth at least 50.

1. The Classic

2. Penis Check

3. Confusing Penis Check

4. Girl On Top Power

5. Finally Trying Butt Sex

6. When Your Period Gets Everywhere And You Freak Out But Everyone's Cool With It

7. When Your Roommate's Sex Noises Wake You Up But You're Just Happy For Her

8. When You Did It In Every Position

9. When The Night Starts Out Amazingly But It All Goes Wrong

10. And When You Decide Instead Of Sex To Follow Your Heart

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