10 Best Sex Positions, As Told In Emoji

by Laken Howard

Sexting is more than just a hobby for horny teens — it can be an art form, a creative medium through which to express your innermost sexual desires. Any grown-ass man or woman knows that there's no shame in being an avid sexter, because it means you're empowered enough to know what you want, and ask for it. Feeling comfortable discussing your sexuality is key to having a better sex life, and knowing sexting can both help you discover your wants and needs as well as connect with your partner on an intimate level.

Before the days of emoji, the only way to visually boost your sexts was to include a nude pic. Although that's definitely still a great option, sometimes you're just not looking or feeling your best and may not want to put the effort into taking a ~hawt~ photo for your partner. Enter: the emoji sext.

Since the invention of emoji, the entire landscape of sexting has changed. Gone are the days when you had just one keyboard with which to say "I'm horny" or "Go down on me" If you want to add a little creativity to your sext session, emoji offer a fun, playful alternative to the traditional dick/boob pic. Here's a handy guide to explaining what you're in the mood for when you're too distracted (or lazy) to form real words. Thank God for emoji, right?

1. (Reverse) Cowgirl

This one was almost too easy. If you're feeling frisky, you can use the full-body cow emoji, which I'm sure will only add extra sex appeal.

2. Scissoring

Why the dancing girls with rabbit ears instead of the two girls holding hands? Because they seem like they're having a lot of fun in their sexy leotards, which I can only imagine one would vibe with if they were thinking about scissoring.

3. Cunnilingus

That big tongue is a little intimidating, but there's no denying that this guy looks perfectly positioned to perform a little oral magic. If only there was a vagina emoji! Maybe in the next update.

4. Missionary

Sure, you could argue that this is a little sacrilegious, but you gotta do what you gotta do. BRB, praying for an orgasm (or several).

5. Doggy Style

Fancy poodle emoji is the only option for expressing your desire for doggy. It's so much classier than the little mutt that most people would gravitate toward. And is there a more stylish and effortlessly cool emoji than sunglasses guy? Not that I'm aware of.

6. Anilingus

The peach emoji is the unofficial innuendo for ass — just ask Kim K. Add in a big ol' tongue and a girl (because ladies can give rim jobs too, right?), and you have the perfect emoji recipe for anilingus. Gotta eat the booty like groceries, TBH.

7. 69

OK, so this one might be kind of a cop out, but you get the point. What's cuter than that little tongue face emoji? Probably nothing. Except maybe miniature donkeys.

8. Starfish

The first time I remember seeing this position was when Marnie and Booth Jonathan got their starfish on in Girls Season One. It may not be your go-to position, but if you're sexting and want to let your partner know you're DTS (down to starfish), this emoji combo will serve you well.

9. Circle Jerk

Whether you're fantasizing about it with one partner or sending it in a group chat with all potential participants, a virtual circle jerk can be expressed via emoji. It's perfect for when one dick is simply not enough — so like, always.

10. Titty F*cking

Those things are some type of melon, right? Either way, you get the idea. If you want your partner to hump your chest but don't feel like saying it out loud, these emoji will come to your rescue.

Images: Pexels; Laken Howard (10)